An Opportunity For LES International As IP Makes Global Business Changes

D. Patrick O’Reilley
President, LES International

It is an honor to be president of LES International at such a critical time. Much is changing in our world and our Society. These changes present an opportunity to make meaningful contributions to the profession and to our members.

The place of intellectual property in global business is changing. Today technology is like water—as it rises in volume it flows freely in all directions and around all obstacles. The volume of technology is increasing exponentially. It is freely and cheaply communicated worldwide to an ever increasing population of educated and skilled people who are able to commercialize it. While financial constraints ebb and flow, the trend supports continuing worldwide competition in innovation. Intellectual property remains an incentive to this innovation but may no longer serve as a long-term obstacle to such competition.

We can guide and counsel businesses, policy-making organizations and governments as to responses to this changing environment. Traditional applications of intellectual property rights have been attacked as archaic obstacles to progress. As professionals in this field, we understand the dynamics of the technology market and the place of intellectual property, and we can shape the evolving perception of intellectual property. This will require more attention and effort by LES International and its Member Societies to identify and respond to policy initiatives that impact the value of intellectual property.


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