Analyzing License Revenue— Enabling Technology Licensing Professionals To Maximize Licensing Revenue

Sangeeta Bardhan Cook
City of Hope

Calvin Chen
City of Hope

Trina Voss
Oregon Health & Science University

Matthew Grunseth
City of Hope

Academic Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) are tasked with protecting and commercializing the scientific and technological developments discovered at university and research institutions. Besides pushing a technology forward, there are other metrics through which TTOs are measured. This article will focus on one such metric— licensing revenue. We have gathered a database of deals over a 10-year period across three institutions and have analyzed what deal terms produced revenue and when. The most surprising result of this exercise is that sublicensing revenue was the 2nd largest source of value. It is our hope that this analysis will help readers better understand where potential value lies within licensing terms and what terms to prioritize during negotiations.


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