Backing Up The Claim: Reverse Engineering Enables Successful Patent Licensing

Terry Ludlow
Chipworks Founder, Chairman and CEO, Ottawa, Canada

Mike Thumm
Chipworks, VP Patent Intelligence, Ottawa, Canada

Andrea Girones
Patent Advisor to Chipworks, Ottawa, Canada

Intellectual Property licensing is becoming a key aspect of leading corporations’ strategic business plans. And, finding and proving infringement of your patents is the essential foundation of any successful licensing campaign. More and more companies perceive the value of their own Intellectual Property. Many attempt to license their technology to achieve business goals or generate revenue. In a crowded field, it is harder to stand out. Strong evidence that backs up your patent claims will make you stand out. Successful assertive patent licensing programs use reverse engineering of competitor’s products to show infringement. New developments in the patent licensing arena are making reverse engineering even more essential for any company seeking to capitalize on their intellectual property assets.


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