Projects 2015/2016:

  • Workshops / Webinars:
    • Participation in the panel discussion "Using NPEs as intermediaries – Pros & Cons" by Yorck Hernandez at the YMC Munich event on July 3, 2015
    • Presentation "The new Knowledge Transfer Centres (WTZ) in Austria" - by Karin Hofmann at the Annual CEE Conference, Prague, October 1, 2015 (LES Austria, LES Hungary, LES Czech Republic)
  • Workshop at the 2016 LESI Annual Conference:
    • Ongoing preparations for a University Workshop contribution for Beijing May 2016 by Lin Sun-Hoffman
  • IUGT pages on LESI Website:
    • Ongoing maintenance and addition of new content by Yorck Hernandez and Karin Hofmann
  • Communication to IUGT Members:
    • Providing a quarterly e-mail Newsletter including reports on recent activities, relevant articles of members and upcoming events and workshops; by Yorck Hernandez
  • Establishing/continuing contacts to other committees:
    • Young Members Congress
    • IUGI Committee of LES USA/Canada
    • Dispute Resolutions Committee
    • External Relations Committee
  • Co-operation projects with other committees:
    • "Recent evolutions in EU Law: Impact on Licensing", the Second European Young Members Event (November 14, 2014, Paris, Austria)
      • providing organizational support/participation

Committees & Community
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