San Francisco

The LES USA/Canada Annual Meeting took place October 5-8 in San Francisco, California.  After a hiatus, YMC events again returned to the USA/Canada Annual Meeting.  YMC kicked off the meeting on Sunday, October 5th with a President’s cocktail hosted by LESI President Arnaud Michel (LES France) in his suite at the Marriot Hotel.  The cocktail hour was a great success with strong attendance by YMC members and LES leadership.  During this event YMC members were able to not only network with each other but get introductions to leaders in the LES organization.

On Monday, October 6th, the YMC held a speed networking hour.  We were pleasantly surprised that more than 40 YMC members attended this event.  The attendees included a great mix of inside and outside counsel representing a variety of different industries.  After a brief introduction to YMC by Tilman Müller-Stoy of BARDEHLE PAGENBERG, who is Immediate Past Chair of YMC, the YMC members were given the opportunity to present an “elevator speech” to the group.

Monday, October 6th ended with a YMC reception sponsored by BARDEHLE PAGENBERG and HUSCH BLACKWELL LLP at LuLu, a local San Francisco restaurant.  At this event, YMC members were able to continue the connections made during the speed networking event.  We were fortunate to have the support of LES leadership and noted several leaders of LESI at this event as well. 

The enthusiasm of the YMC members and support of LESI leadership made the YMC events at this Annual Meeting a success.  Moreover, it laid the groundwork for the first Pan-American LESI YMC Meeting to be held in Chicago in 2015.

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