Vienna 2013

Challenges in Licensing: 1st Pan-European Young Member Event in Vienna

On Nov. 15, 2013 the 1st Pan-European Young Member Event was held in Vienna. More than 70 participants – almost half of all LESI YMC members – attended the conference. The conference was hosted in the old magnificent ceremonial hall of the Vienna University of Technology. The general topic was to discuss about “Challenges in Licensing”. Speakers came from different countries all across Europe (Russia, Germany, Austria, Sweden, France, Switzerland) and even from outside of Europe (US) and from different practices (law, business, industry). They spoke about topics as different as the licensing business in Russia, the recent evolution of US patent law, compulsory licenses for SEPs or licensing and the transfer in a major player in electronics.

Despite the beauties of Vienna, all attendees stayed for the whole conference. In the evening, the conference was followed by an excellent dinner at “Huth im Haus der Musik”, a beautiful venue in the heart of the city. As it is a must for a Young Member Event, the dinner was followed by a pub crawl which ended late in the night for many attendees and for some lasted even until the morning rose.

Nevertheless, 23 attendees with good condition attended the LES 100 Course that was organized the next day, also in the Vienna University of Technology.

As the event was such a big success, plans are on the way to have a similar event in 2014 as well (in another city). We will keep you updated about any news in this regard.

Thomas Adocker
Chair Elect of YMC of LESI

The 1st Pan-European Young Member Event was a great success. The content of the seminar addressed many hot topics in icensing and prompted several in-depth discussions. The event also provided great networking opportunities with several networking breaks throughout the seminar and a well-attended dinner and pub crawl.

Sherry L. Rollo
Husch Blackwell LLP

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