Prior Events

LES France Conference: Essential Patents and Licenses FRAND

LES France and APEB are glad to invite you to the second edition of their conference cycle on standard-essential patents and FRAND.

o Roundtable 1: Review of the recent FRAND case-law (14:30-16:00)

This roundtable will discuss the recent decisions concerning (F)RAND issues, by comparing and contrasting the approaches taken to various issues in a number of jurisdictions.

o Roundtable 2: Different FRANDs for different sectors and business models, and how can they be determined? (16:30-18:00)

This roundtable explores whether and how these different economic structures and licensing practices impact the way in which FRAND issues are to be approached, be it in terms of ways to check essentiality, identity of the parties involved, terms of the license, etc.

View full details and register here.

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