Prior Events

LES Britain & Ireland "An Introduction to Intangible Assets (IA) and IP Valuation - deploying valuation to help drive business value & make good business decisions"

Join LES B&I and their IA Management & IP Valuation Committee for a webinar featuring invited panellists and a Q&A session.

Questions to be covered:

  • What is Valuation and how can one use it to make better business decisions?
  • What is the difference between Company and IP valuations?
  • What are some of the main purposes that valuations are used for? 
  • How can you use IP valuations to help determine value and use it to negotiate licensing transactions?
  • How is valuation used when spinning out technology?
  • How is valuation used at the Corporate level?
  • Who does this sort of work?
  • It sounds expensive. How much does a valuation typically cost? Is it affordable for start-up companies and SMEs?
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