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LES USA & Canada "Build or Partner - Deciding Whether to Commercialize Enterprise Patent Portfolios with In-House Teams or Specialized Partners"

Corporate IP executives charged with commercializing enterprise patent portfolios can build licensing programs using in-house teams or outsource licensing to external commercialization specialists who assume control of the assets. The decision on whether to build or partner involves evaluating and balancing numerous considerations, including many that guide the decision of whether to license in the first place: 

- Expected returns over time
- Required investment for commercialization
- Short-term financial objectives and constraints
- Loss of use of patents for exclusivity and/or defense
- Counter-assertion risk
- Customer issues
- Management priorities and willingness to support the licensing efforts over time
- IP department focus issues

In this session, we will hear from the personal experiences of corporate IP executives who have dealt with these issues, as well as from a leading external patent commercialization firm that has partnered with multiple enterprises to commercialize major patent portfolios. 

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