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LESI Life Sciences Committee "Exploitation of New Technologies in the Life Sciences Industry"

The successful development of the Covid-19 vaccines has not only demonstrated the importance of collaborations between public and private actors of all sizes to (timely) bring drugs to patients, but has also proven that smaller companies too can benefit from licensing and acquisition deals.

This session will provide an overview of the different exploitation practices of new pharma and biotechnologies, whether through licensing, partnership or collaboration, and discuss related legal, financial and business challenges.

Join LESI's Life Sciences Committee on 17 January for a live discussion with life sciences professionals who will share their own experience and address amongst others:
1. The pros and cons of licensing, acquisition and other collaborations;
2. What to keep and what to license for third party exploitation;
3. What’s the value of such new technologies and how do you calculate such value?
4.What if the collaboration does not work?
5. Case study: the pandemic, mRNA and LNP technologies: a diversity of strategies and actors of all sizes from public and private sector.

Read about the Moderator and Speakers here.

The event is free to participants.

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