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LES USA-Canada "KPIs that Mean Something: New Measures for IP Quality and ROI"

Quantifying IP is difficult. Whether it is the valuation of a patent or more fundamental metrics to measure the relative merits of an IP portfolio, we all need help.

We have no choice but to adapt. As IP professionals feel the ongoing pressure to “do more with less,” measuring the return on our investment in IP will be more critical than ever. We need this not only as an internal measure to help us understand if we’re making good decisions but also to demonstrate the value of our department when advocating for resources from people who historically struggle to understand even the basics of IP. Organizations adopting these new metrics sooner rather than later will benefit the most.

On June 11, Eli Mazour, host of Clause 8 podcast, will moderate a lively panel featuring Marlene Valderrama, Sr. Intellectual Property Manager/ Lead Technology Scout and Tradespace’s VP of IP Strategy, Justin Rerko on the topic of metrics for IP quality and ROI.

Learning Outcomes include:
- the importance of not only measuring ROI on IP assets is important, but being able to explain it IP leaders who may not be IP-savvy
- the latest metrics to quantify ROI on IP and the teams that work on IP
- tools for quantifying ROI and IP quality

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