Innovation For Growth: The Challenge Of Sustained Growth And The Increasingly Important Role Of Innovation Enablers

Nitin Chaudhary
Evalueserve Pvt, Ltd.

Neeraj Kathuria
Evalueserve Pvt, Ltd.

BM was a hardware behemoth in the early nineties. Today, only 20 percent of IBM’s business comes from its famed hardware unit. In the last two decades, it has made a conscious attempt to transform itself into a “solutions consulting company.” The transformation came at a time when IBM’s market share was eroding alarmingly. Apple Inc. is another organization that has redefined itself by constantly exploring new technologies and packaging them in a simplistic and intuitive manner for consumers. Apple has not only managed to survive but also to stay ahead of the competition so far. Currently, other technology companies, such as Hewitt-Packard, Google, Cisco, and Amazon, are taking the same journey of transformation.


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