How to Become a Member

LES International is an umbrella organization for the 33 national and regional LES Member Societies.

LES is a professional society for people interested in the licensing of technology and intellectual property. Its membership is drawn from a wide range of disciplines and organizations. An important feature of LES is that it brings together people from different backgrounds, cultures and industries. Hands-on Licensing practitioners, academicians, lawyers and consultants, from industry, university, public bodies and professional firms are all welcome. 

To become a member of LES it is necessary to join one of the LES Member Societies -- the society of your country of residence, or a nearby society instead. See the list of societies here.

Once a member, you will be entitled to attend any local meeting of any of the 33 LES Member Societies. There are also international meetings, such as the Pan-European meeting, the Pan-Asian meeting and the LESI Annual Conference, national meetings, such as the LES USA/Canada Annual Meeting, and meetings and webinars organized by the various LESI Committees, such as the LESI Life Sciences Committee, the LESI Electronics, IT and Telecoms Committee and the LESI Industry, University and Government Transactions (IUGT) Committee.

As an LES member, you will also receive "les Nouvelles", the Quarterly publication of LESI that features articles, commentaries and reviews on  licensing, technology and intellectual property, as well as news concerning activities of LESI and its Member Societies. There are also publications concerning licensing of technology and IP that can be purchased from LESI and from various of the Member Societies.  Many Member Societies also furnish their members regular newsletters. 

You will also have full online access to the LESI Website, including the international members directory.

LESI also has 13 Industry, Professional and Regional Committees that bring together members who have a particular interest in the licensing of technology and IP in a specific industry or region or in the licensing of a specific type of IP. These Committees organize many activities ranging from providing content for LES meetings worldwide, liaising with public bodies and other professional societies, providing networking receptions and opportunities, researching and analyzing licensing issues, producing educational materials and events to promote knowledge of licensing, and making submissions to legislative bodies and other organizations, such as the European Commission, in relation to licensing matters and organizing "IP weekends" for scientists and students wherein educational programs are supplemented by social and networking activities. 

LESI actively encourage all members to contact those committees and get involved with, and participate in, their activities.

If you have a personal interest in licensing, or if your business livelihood depends on it, you will benefit from membership of the Licensing Executives Society.

To join your nearest national or regional LES Member Society, the links here will take you to your preferred LES Member Society website and you can contact them directly.

Alternately, you may contact the LESI Administrator at for assistance in getting connected with your potential LES Member Society.

Join Your Regional LES Society

Please complete this form and provide us with some information about you.  We will have a representative from your regional society contact you to process your membership.  Please allow up to 48 hours for us to be in touch with you.

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