Joining Hands Initiative

Imagine more than 11,000 people from all horizons, linked throughout 90 different countries, transcending borders and cultures and whose main motivation is to excel.

We all experienced the creative drive of LESI thanks to the plurality of its members and their passion for IP business and networking.

The Joining Hands vision invites you to actively participate and extend the LESI culture and fundamentals by working on collaborations of all kinds, sharing success stories and best practices.

Instilled by Yvonne Chua’s vision, the whole team of the Joining Hands working group, being made up by: François Painchaud (Chair), Patricia A.O. Bunye, Junko Sugimura, Omer Hiziroglu, Paul Germeraad, Philipp Dreier, Hayley French, Mark Horsburgh, Marcela Trigo, Art Rose, Jeong-Joong Kim, Ada C. Nielsen, Tatiana K. Moore, Chris Katopis, Larry Plonsker and Russell Levine, has for mission to help you in bringing a new impulse to your National Society activity.

Helping LESI to be stronger, inside or outside the organization, also means increasing communication!  A special e-mail for the project was created: to share your thoughts and knowledge of all kinds. Take part in the life of your National Society and try to figure out the improvements that can be made and the opportunities to be explored.

Being part of the adventure is fulfilling a common hard work and enjoying together the satisfaction of its realization. We will be delighted to celebrate with you the LESI’s 40th Anniversary and share the precious moments such as the Awards of the Most Progressive Society of the Year and of the Outstanding Activities of the Year.

We are looking forward to receive your feedbacks or comments in carrying on the spirit of innovation and friendship of LESI.

Thank you for your contribution!

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