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Exploring The New Dimension Of China’s Invention Economy
Exploring The New Dimension Of China’s Invention Economy,  les Nouvelles 143 China’s Invention Economy Exploring The New Dimension Of China’s Invention, confdence survey, 2015. les Nouvelles 145 China’s Invention Economy From Imitation to Invention, ://news.xinhuanet.com/2014-04/26/c_1110426235.htm. les Nouvelles 147 China’s Invention Economy Any potential, Invention 0 200000 400000 600000 800000 1000000 1200000 les Nouvelles 149 China’s Invention Economy, a S w i t z e r l a n d Total les Nouvelles 151 China’s Invention Economy Figure
An Update On International Trends In Technology, Media And Telecoms Dispute Resolution, Including Intellectual Property Disputes
 les Nouvelles 116 International Trends Technology and intellectual property (IP) rights, Nouvelles,2 the World Intellectual Property Organization Arbitration and Me- diation Center (WIPO, of ADR, les Nouvelles, Journal of the Licensing Executives Society International, June 2014. 3, Nouvelles 118 International Trends involved sums in excess of USD 100 million. Possible reasons, . - + les Nouvelles 120 International Trends and expedited arbitration procedures. See Figure 3
Patent & Technology Licensing Annual Report 2015-2016
his responsibility. Publishing articles on LES Nouvelles The PTL Committee has submitted two articles which will be published in the June edition of LES Nouvelles. The first article on “Patenting, ) and Felipe Claro (LES Chile); the second is an abstract on “Exploring the new dimension of China invention economy” written by Qinghong Xu (LES China) and Patrick Terroir (LES France). Two articles are already in the publication pipe: “Exploring the new dimension of China invention economy” Qinghong Xu
Patent & Technology Licensing Committee Report - September 2015
of marketplace or mechanisms: Japan LSIP, CTEX China, Singapore hub, patent auctions…, and Asian firms, of open innovation in China The current challenges 10 Dr Prof Xiaolan Fu, Professor of Technology, -A representative of a Chinese company (Huawei, Haier… ?) -Audrey Yap (IP Hub Singapore) -China Technology, Total 90 LES Nouvelles Candida Cafè, Vice Chair in charge of LES Nouvelles
Asia Pacific Committee Report - Beijing - May 2016
China) Vice Chairs : Leslie Ann Cruz (LES Philippines) [Website and Communication] Dookyu Kim (LES Korea) [Workshops] Karen Sinclair (LES ANZ) [les Nouvelles] Yu Sarn Chiew (LES Singapore) [Young, field and the corporate world. LES Australia, LES China, LES Great Britain, LES Japan, LES Philippines, in Asia Pacific Region Beijing, China 15 – 18 May 2016 ii. 7 th LES Asia Pacific Regional, Beijing, China 16-18 May 2016 25609059 v1 National 00 00 00 i. 2 September 2015 – Conference call ii
LESI Dispute Resolution Committee: Strong IP Drives The Bottom Line— International Patent Enforcement—A Comparative Study
China. The study was pursued over more than 1.5 years by internationally renowned patent litigators, VIII. China IX. Japan X. South Korea XI. Singapore B. Arbitration and Mediation Chapters I. ICC II. WIPO We have issued new pricing for advertising in les Nouvelles. You can now advertise, can advertise to fll important positions through les Nouvelles. We reach over 12,000 potential candidates, worldwide. Advertising in les Nouvelles
And Protection Of Intellectual Proper ty Rights Within Asian Countries Such As China And Japan Part, the protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs). 2. China To understand the culture embedded in China one has to recognize the deep-rooted nature of Confu- cianism1 as it still forms the basis of much of China’s business practice.2 Although the Confucian system is not now in offcial vogue in China, the infuence is still felt in many facets of Chinese life. Some of the more
Life Science Committee Work Plan as of October 19, 2013
(Chinese Taipei), VC for Les Nouvelles Deliverables: One Webinar and Les Nouvelles Series Feature, Nouvelles on the comparative legal issues in life sciences featuring at least Britain/Ireland, USA, New Zealand/Australia, Japan, China and India Workshops - Michael Keller (USA/Canada) - VC, members in Les Nouvelles, presentations given during LESI conferences make their way to the website
Patent & Technology Licensing Committee Report - December 2015
(&China) patrick.berthier@power.alstom.com berthier.patrickj@orange.fr Vice-Chair in charge, ccaffe@dannemann.com.br Vice-chair in charge of LES Nouvelles Jennifer Pierce Patent attorney Charles Russell Speechlys LLP UK Jennifer.Pierce@crsblaw.com Vice-chair in charge of LES Nouvelles Menno, in charge of webinars Qinghong Xu IP expert / patent attorney Lung Tin China ltbj@lungtin.com, LSIP, CTEX China, Singapore hub, patent auctions…, and Asian firms are reconsidering their strategy
Patent & Technology Licensing Committee Report - June 2015
) Alstom France (&China) patrick.berthier@power.alstom.com berthier.patrickj@orange.fr Vice, Brazil ccaffe@dannemann.com.br Vice-chair in charge of LES Nouvelles Jennifer Pierce Patent, Nouvelles Menno Treffers Vice President Licensing manager One-Red Netherland menno.treffers@one-red.com Vice-chair in charge of webinars Qinghong Xu IP expert / patent attorney Lung Tin China, of marketplace or mechanisms: Japan LSIP, CTEX China, Singapore hub, patent auctions…, and Asian firms