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The Scoop from Europe: Europe Takes On FRAND Licensing—Again
in the widely publicized Huawei/ZTE saga regard- ing standards-essential patents (SEPs).1 The question, of March 2015 and les Nouvelles3 of September 2015. For the sake of clarity, we repeat the main relevant elements below. Standards-essential patents or SEPs are patents that cannot be avoided, -in at https://www.lesi.org/les-nouvelles. 4. Article 102 TFEU, paragraph 1: “Any abuse by one or more, Member States.” les Nouvelles 123 The Scoop From Europe FR AND commitment merit special attention
Simply Wrong: The 25% Rule Examined
, January 4, 2011. 2. Goldscheider, R., “The Classic 25% Rule,” les Nouvelles, Septem- ber 2011, pp, 10-35% 2 Empirical 2 10-25% 1 Theoretical 2 20-33% 1 15-35% 1 les Nouvelles 264 25% Rule, % Rule,” les Nouvelles, September 2011, pp. 148–159, at p. 155. 10. Goldscheider, R., “The Classic 25% Rule,” les Nouvelles, September 2011, pp. 148–159, e.g. pp. 152, 156. 11. Emphasis in the original. Goldscheider, Jarosz, Mulhern, Use of the 25% Rule in Valuing IP, les Nouvelles, December
An Update On International Trends In Technology, Media And Telecoms Dispute Resolution, Including Intellectual Property Disputes
 les Nouvelles 116 International Trends Technology and intellectual property (IP) rights, Nouvelles,2 the World Intellectual Property Organization Arbitration and Me- diation Center (WIPO, of ADR, les Nouvelles, Journal of the Licensing Executives Society International, June 2014. 3, to infringement of trademarks, patents and copyright. Trade secrets and patent essentiality (Standard Essential Patents, or SEP) disputes were also mentioned by TMT Survey respondents. The WIPO
Use Of Cluster Searching To Find Patents With Licensing Potential
Use Of Cluster Searching To Find Patents With Licensing Potential,  les Nouvelles 162 Cluster Searching For Patents Use Of Cluster Searching To Find Patents, les Nouvelles 164 Cluster Searching For Patents and method for validating radio frequency, analysis can help licensing managers and others fnd commercialisation opportunities for their patents, patent searches based on multiple starting patents, i.e. a portfolio of patents • Being able to fnd, . Cluster Search- ing is based on the concept that similar patents will have similar forward
Advanced Citation Analysis Can Help Identify Licensing Candidates
Nouvelles 159 Advanced Citation Analysis b) Identifcation of forward citation patents that refer, to show only the most similar 4% of patents to this Carnegie Mellon patent. les Nouvelles 165 Advanced, for their patents to help fnd these candidates. In this paper we suggest some additional approaches that may also be useful. These include a statistical review of the forward citation patents, earlier published patents. Prior art patents are so popular in search reports both because the patent
The Current Realities Of The Classic 25% Rule: An Attempt To Put The House In Order
in the August, 2011 Duke Law & Technology Review and the September, 2011 issue of les Nouvelles.1, les Nouvelles 2 The Classic 25% Rule This exercise should involve participation by pat- ent, of a license involving all the in- tellectual property rights, not just patents, and that the continuous fow of ver y special know-how was probably more valuable than the licensed patents, 3, at page 41. 6. See les Nouvelles, Volume XLVI, No.3, pp. 151-154. 7. At this writing, many
Introduction—Special Issue In Cooperation With The European Patent Office (EPO)
great innovation, energy and productivity into traditional and new sectors. Patents help them, or location. The LESI and EPO have published this special edition of les Nouvelles together to demonstrate how SMEs are effectively leveraging the power of patents to achieve business success. The 12 case, in which patents are be- ing used by SMEs, licensing is highlighted as a fexible yet powerful, an integral role in this process by helping SMEs to make effective use of patents and reach their full
Assessing The Value Of Your Patents
Assessing The Value Of Your Patents,  les Nouvelles 154 Assessing Patent Value Assessing The Value Of Your Patents By Terry Ludlow, . Patent Value % Patents in Portfolio Valuable Patents V a l u e 0% 5% 100% les Nouvelles 156, to as “quality” factors. Many forums attempt to defne and improve the quality of issued patents including, ? Quantif ying Patent Value The most valuable patents therefore claim inven- tions that: a) Are of high, and rapidly growing making it expensive to fnd the high-value patents they contain using experts alone
Quick Links: www.lesi.org www.lesi.org/les-nouvelles www.lesi.org/les-societies www.les, were held on different topics ranging from patents and trademarks, to licensing and IP law. After, As reported in my prior les Nouvelles letters, LES has taken me this year to Singapore, Hong Kong, Administrative Offce As reported in the last issue of les Nouvelles, I have be- gun in earnest, - derstood the Rule, which was then included in les Nouvelles along with a series of other articles
NPEs And Patent Aggregators-New, Complementary Business Models For Modern IP Markets
for economic growth has changed the role of Intel- lectual Property (IP) rights, especially patents, and selling of patents rather than doing research or manufacturing anything—and they are thriving, of patents for the sake of licensing them. Patent own- ers that pursue this strategy usually seek, management, to license patents before an infringement occurs. It is also widely used by so called, carries out research nor files for patents, nor uses patented innova- tions to manufacture
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