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Plain Packaging: A Growing Threat To Trademark Rights
Plain Packaging: A Growing Threat To Trademark Rights, pain packaging law: P les Nouvelles 141 Plain Packaging • Philip Morris Asia Limited (“PM Asia,  June 2013 140 Plain Packaging ■ Carmela Rotundo Zocco, Metroconsult S.r.l., European Trademark and Design Attorney, Milan, Italy E-mail: Carmela.rotundo@ metroconsult.it Plain Packaging: A Growing Threat To Trademark Rights By Carmela Rotundo Zocco What is Plain Packaging? lain, plain packaging. The Tobacco Plain Packaging Act 2011 (“the TPP Act”) requires cigarettes to be sold
LESI Board Teleconference Meeting Agenda January 22, 2016
). Chris K. Discussion 15 (a) Executive Administrator’s report 15 (b) Addendum 16. NGO Plain Packaging Proposal [discussion with the members of the Trademark Committee] Chris K. Discussion 16 (a) NGO TM Plain Packaging Proposal 17. Other Business: Cancelation of February 2 Board, (a) LES USA & Canada About Society’s 2016 Dues 8. Les Nouvelles publication Discussion on new
Commentary On New EU Competition Rules
criteria—one being a replica box that would imitate the original packaging, the other a plain box, com- petition cases, where the Minister is dissatisfed with a decision of the OFT. les Nouvelles, and the plea should be rejected. les Nouvelles September 2003 154 The Commission argued, that the requirement that slicing and packaging be conducted in the Parma region could result, in the Regulation about slicing and packaging being included in a PDO specifcation. The Court of Appeal upheld
les Nouvelles - June 2013 - Full Issue
les Nouvelles - June 2013 - Full Issue, Love More Than Just One dAvid wAnetick — Page 137 Plain Packaging: A Growing Threat To Trademark,  JOURNAL OF THE LICENSING EXECUTIVES SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL les Nouvelles les Nouvelles Volume, . les Nouvelles 87 New IP Strategy Agenda full value from existing products, services and assets, to les Nouvelles 89 New IP Strategy Agenda gather the information needed for an accurate view, . LTD 12 Toshiba KK 12 Source: U.S. Patent and Trademark Offce 6 les Nouvelles 91 New IP Strategy
Should The U.S. Bankruptcy Code Be Amended To Protect Trademark Licensees?
Counselors of America, P.C. in New York. les Nouvelles March 2004 6 Congress enacted the Intel, on Congressʼ expressed intention. As two recent cases conclusively demonstrate, because the plain lan, to those sold by the trademark owner. See, e.g., Kentucky Fried Chicken Corp. v. Diversifed Packaging, the same concern with the rejection of les Nouvelles March 2004 7 trademark, service mark, ) protection to trademark li- censees solely because of the plain language of the statute
A Question Of Evolution
as well. Let us take plain tobacco packaging, also known as generic, standardised or homogeneous packaging as an example. Such packaging requires the removal of all trade dress such as colours,  les Nouvelles 109 Question Of Evolution A Question Of Evolution By William Bird 1, : william.bird@iplodge.be les Nouvelles 111 Question Of Evolution whereas for bacteria, Nouvelles 113 Question Of Evolution spills, and possibly in the transfer of genes from mul
les Nouvelles - September 2003 - Full Issue
les Nouvelles - September 2003 - Full Issue, les Nouvelles Volume XXXVIII No. 3 September 2003 JOURNAL OF THE LICENSING EXECUTIVES SOCIETY, Secretary Barry Quest Treasurer Willy Manfroy les Nouvelles Editorial Review Board Brian G. Brunsvold, & Production les Nouvelles Volume XXXVIII Number 3 (ISSN 0270-174X) The articles published in les Nouvelles reflect the views of the authors, and not of the Society as an association or of its officers. les Nouvelles is pub- lished each March, June, September and Decem- ber by the Licensing
Mitigating Risks Of Patent Licensing After Forest Group vs Bon Tool Co
, Bracewell & Giuliani LLP, Partner, Houston, TX E-mail: jeffrey.whittle@ bgllp.com les Nouvelles 141, A plain language reading of 35 U.S.C. § 292 was conducted by the Federal Circuit to defne a false, . United States, 239 U.S. 510, 517-18, 36 S.Ct 190, 60 L.Ed.411 (1916). les Nouvelles 143, Licensee, Affliates, and Sublic- ensees shall mark all packaging and documentation for Licensed, U.S.C. § 287(a) (2008). 37. Id. les Nouvelles 145 Mitigating Risks Of Patent Licensing Marking
Dreadful Drafting Dos And Donʼts Of Warranty Clauses
. RAMSAY, Q.C.* les Nouvelles June 2003 64 3.1 Warranties. Dreadful Drafter decides, or assurance of a fact or state that will apply in the future. He ponders: Can I be a plain language, should be more precise. Plain lan- guage drafting encourages the use of the present tense but sometimes, convinced when he saw the work of Raymond Nimmer, someone he highly respects, in UCITA. les Nouvelles, ?” les Nouvelles June 2003 66 lawyers (long recognized as being professionals) were the “sort
les Nouvelles - December 2011 - Full Issue
les Nouvelles - December 2011 - Full Issue,  JOURNAL OF THE LICENSING EXECUTIVES SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL les Nouvelles les Nouvelles Volume, ,” les Nouvelles, Septem- ber 2011, pp. 148–159, at p. 155. 3. Original draft of this article, 15-35% 1 les Nouvelles 264 25% Rule Examined the 25% Rule with the second source of support being, assertion. 9. Goldscheider, R., “The Classic 25% Rule,” les Nouvelles, September 2011, pp. 148–159, at p. 155. 10. Goldscheider, R., “The Classic 25% Rule,” les Nouvelles, September 2011, pp. 148–159
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