LES Scandinavia
Annual Conference 2018

Hotel Scandic Anglais - Stockholm, Sweden

9-11 September 2018

Patents in the streaming World

Listen to Per Wendin Senior patent engineer at Spotify

It is a great honor for LES Scandinavia to welcome you to the 2018 annual conference of LES Scandinavia in Stockholm, Sweden 9-11 September.

One of the lecturers is Per Wendin, Senior patent engineer at Spotify.

Consumers have easy access – legally – to more media such as music and film than ever before. Streaming media is fuelling growth of the digital economy, enabling different digital online services to increase turnover and generate traffic.

According to the Swedish company Mediavision, over 60 percent of Swedish households subscribe to at least one streamed music or TV service. Growth in this market has increased during the last twelve months and consumer interest is increasing with a market that is expected to grow further.

Who had thought that streaming services would have such a breakthrough? What happened to the old video cassette and the LP-disc? With a growing market, competition is also increasing from players around the world.

Increase in supply and freedom of choice
For the consumers, the development of streaming services means continued increase in supply and freedom of choice. The number of streaming services on the market are multiplying. New competitors evolve within movies and television as well as music and games. Every day, you can livestream a variety of both entertainment and professional events. One key question is, what does this mean for the creators and the providers of the streaming services, and how do the different IP rights hold up in a world full of streaming?

Patents in a streaming world - learn what's new!
Take this opportunity to experience the latest news by listening to Per Wendin who will guide us through this jungle of IP rights, and in particular patents, in the streaming world.

During the LES Scandinavia Annual Conference, you will also have the opportunity to listen to other interesting and noteworthy speakers, including a panel discussion within the segment of artificial intelligence, led by journalist Gabriel Mellqvist.

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