Importance Of IP And Innovation For The Development Of Emerging Nations: Lessons Learned From Silicon Valley And Other Regions

By Rashid Khan, Lawrence J. Udell, Tanja Sovic-Gasser, Denis Croze, Audrey Yap, Elizabeth Chien-Hale, Hector E. Chagoya-Cortes, Mark Horsburgh, Johannes Homa, Suraiya Chowdhury

The objective of this paper is to present various regional “ecosystem” models that enable intellectual property (IP) based entrepreneurship and business creation for economic transformation of a region or the nation. By better understanding successful regional models, one can recommend appropriate strategies and models, enabled by IP and innovation, for rapid development of the emerging nations. Various contributions are presented in this paper based on the presentations made in Beijing at the LESI Annual Meeting, May 2016 during a workshop on the subject matter. A number of representatives, from various parts of the world that have thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems, provided different perspectives on the topic at the event. Despite the differences in many regions, models and perspectives, we managed to identify underlying common themes that can be leveraged by the emerging nations. These common elements are the foundation of this paper.

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