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Recommended Resources for Licensing Professionals

John T. Ramsay, Q.C.s

Gowling LaFleur Henderson, LLP Barristers & Solicitors, Partner, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The Recommended Resources Subcommittee of the Licensing Executives Society (USA and Canada), Inc., Education Committee has completed this list of resources (books and articles) that they as business and legal practitioners with extensive experience in developing, managing, protecting and commercialization intellectual property have found useful. They offer this list of resources as guidance to others.

Some years ago, the LES Foundation published a list of resources that is still in circulation and some of our subcommittee members participated in its preparation. It is time to update it and to add commentary as well as guidance as to the intended audience. Inevitably, good resources, not included, should be included. This resource list is somewhat U.S./Canadacentric and hopefully in time will be expanded to include resources from other countries; perhaps a LESI committee may do this in the future.

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