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Dreadful Drafting: The Do’s And Don’ts Of Grant Clauses

John T. Ramsay

Q.C. of Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP Barristers & Solicitors, Calgary, Canada

DevCo, an Alberta corporation based in Calgary, has developed and now manufactures and distributes novel detector heads that are used in the image capture device in digital x-ray systems. These units have unique designs for the image capture process and use proprietary software (the Image Software) to overcome the weaknesses in the image quality that is inherent in the digital x-ray process. By adapting the detector head, one version can be use by veterinarian for animals and a second version by x-ray technicians/radiologists for humans. DevCo has developed software and proprietary techniques (the Manufacturing Software and Manufacturing Techniques) for the manufacture of the detector heads. DevCo has Canadian and U.S. patents and patent applications covering some of the hardware and Image Software.

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