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U.S./Canadian Licensing In 2006; Survey Results

Richard Razgaitis

Senior Advisor at CRA International Inc., formerly Charles River Associates (which acquired InteCap, Inc. in 2004), President of the Licensing Foundation. (2004-2007)

This paper is the fourth such report of an annual survey conducted by The Licensing Foundation, a wholly owned subsidiary of LES (USA & Canada). As in prior years, the survey was conducted by an online questionnaire of the membership of LES (USA & Canada). The data were obtained primarily in February 2007 were for the period 2006.

Two related but distinct survey questionnaires were used, one for IP asset owners (buyers or sellers, licensors or licensees), and one for service providers such as outside law firms and consultants. As in all prior years, once the responses were deemed authentic they were correlated within one of eight segments, and anonymized. The eight distinguished segments were large and small companies,4 based on the number of companys employees—greater or less than 500, and, further, by four industry groups: Health, DICE (Digital Information Computers Electronics), Industrial, and University/Government.

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