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Propagating Green Technology: A Japan Intellectual Property Association Proposal

Naoto Kuji

Cynthia Cannady

This article describes a new voluntary licensing initiative for sustainable energy and environmental technologies launched by the Japan Intellectual Property Association (JIPA).

1. The program is called the Green Technology Package Program (GTPP). Its objective is international dissemination and implementation of sustainable energy and environmental technologies (“green technologies”).

2. Green technology is an umbrella term that includes, but is not limited to, solar, wind, wave, current, tidal, biofuel and biomass, waste to gas, smart grid and other IT, transport (electric vehicles, hybrid, diesel, natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), hydrogen, vehicle to grid, train), geothermal, hydrogen fuel cells, new materials, thin film, construction, glass, aviation fuel and efficiency, storage (batteries), water filtration, desalination, purification, membranes, toxic remediation, carbon sequestration, and hybrid system technologies.

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