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The Human Dimension A Key To Settlement In Business Mediations and Negotiations

Michael Schneider-Vocke

Principal, Schneider Mediation Services, S.L., Barcelona, Spain

There is a widespread notion that civil and commercial matters should be dealt with in a reasonable, businesslike and rational way, and that personal feelings and emotions should be reserved for the private sphere. Business mediations and negotiations still tend to reflect this view. In a conversation with the person who suggested I write this article, we talked about a recent negotiation in which a team member of one of the parties sabotaged all attempts and blocked any possible agreement. We then talked about the personal dynamics implicit in every negotiation and concluded that it would be worthwhile to dedicate an article to the psychological dynamics of negotiation and mediation. As I am not a psychologist, I had my doubts about how to approach this article. In the end I decided to write the article based on my own perspective as a mediator and negotiator.

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