LESI, Inc. Private Functions Provisioning

No Private Parties; No Unauthorized Use of LESI Identifiers or Registration List; Communication of LESI Policy to Members of Organizing/Hosting Society.

No private party, e.g., receptions by law firms, accounting firms, etc., shall take place at the time and location of LESI Conferences or Delegates Meetings. The LESI logo, name, or other reference to the Conference or Meeting is not authorized to be used by any LES member, his/her employer, or any third party to organize, endorse, or publicize any such private party before, during, or after an LESI Conference or Delegates Meeting. Meeting registration lists shall not be provided to any organization outside the LESI family before, during, or after a Conference or Meeting. The Member Society organizing and/or hosting an LESI Conference or Delegates Meeting will abide by this LESI policy and will encourage strict compliance. To assist in this effort, the local Meeting Committee for the Conference or Meeting shall have the responsibility for timely informing the Membership of the organizing/hosting Society of the policy.

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