Sturken, Cheryl-Anne, "Meeting Evaluations"




The following checklist was compiled in part from Meetings and Conventions: A Planning Guide by Dr. Don MacLaurin and Ted Wykes, Meeting Professionals International Canadian Council, Toronto, Ontario, Canada © 1997

Overall Meeting Evaluation

  • How efficient was the event registration process?
  • Was on-site registration handled efficiently?
  • Did the program stay within budget?
  • Was the room block filled?
  • Were meal guarantees accurate and breaks on time?
  • Was signage well anticipated and well placed?
  • Were the floral decorations fresh and well placed, and did they meet expectations?
  • Were the meeting room setups correct?
  • Were speakers on time and in the right meeting rooms?
  • Did audiovisual equipment function properly?
  • Were transportation arrangements adequate?
  • Were decorations for themed events appropriate and as expected?
  • Were social activities, special events and entertainment well attended and well received?

Program Content and Attendance

  • How soon after the first mailing did registrations for the event start coming in?
  • Has attendance grown over the previous year, or was it on par with or lower than similar meetings?
  • How well attended were the sessions?
  • Did attendees arrive on time, and did they stay until the end of the sessions?
  • Was attendance higher at social events?
  • Were speakers engaging, interesting, informative and well prepared?
  • Were session topics relevant to the meeting?
  • Did speakers have an adequate number of handouts?
  • Was enough food served, and was it well received?
  • Was there enough time to view exhibits?
  • At what times did attendees visit the exhibition?
  • Did visits coincide with promotional activities?
  • Were giveaways and promotional activities well received?
  • Was the location of the exhibition convenient to the meeting location?
  • Were exhibits educational and/or pertinent to attendees?
  • Were sponsors adequately identified?
  • Was parking adequate, and was it convenient to the meeting and exhibition location?

Staff Evaluation

  • Were staff members well briefed on their assignments?
  • Were staff encouraged to talk to and/or listen to attendees for feedback and to note comments?
  • Was a post-conference meeting held with members of the hotel staff to collect evaluations?
  • Did identified VIPs receive the appropriate level of service?
  • Did attendees have problems unrelated to the program?
  • Were staff members calm during mishaps or emergencies, and did they respond well to attendees’ concerns?
  • Were volunteers knowledgeable of their assignments, on time, helpful and courteous?
  • Was there a volunteer appreciation event, and was it well received?
  • Was security well placed, visible and professional?

Exhibitor Evaluation

  • Describe attendance/traffic on each day of exhibition.
  • What hours had the highest and lowest traffic?
  • How interested did attendees seem in the exhibits?
  • Were attendees qualified buyers?
  • How were the services furnished by hall or show management rated?
  • Was there adequate time for booth set-up and take-down?

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