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Sonja London's message for the year.
Sonja London's message for the year.

In May, our Young Members Congress (YMC) hosted an online Trade Secrets event. In her opening remarks, Sonja said the following:

“Some 30 years ago, you needed to be a member of a professional organization to get access to information. Now all the information is available, but it has become just noise. Some 15 years ago, you needed to be a member of a professional organization to get connected to other experts. Now, almost everyone is accessible through social media, but these connections are mostly not meaningful.

This is why professional organizations like LESI are needed. To sort out the important from the noise and to connect people in a meaningful way. Our last Annual Conference is a great example of providing real knowledge, ideas and sharing, and connecting us as professionals and as people.

This is what LESI stands for. Our newly adopted LESI Mission boldly states that we exist to enable a global, collaborative and generous community. This is deeply written to our DNA. We are not a pay-to-play organization but a community with a purpose. Our newly adopted Vision sets the target high: LESI is the go-to global community that connects people: local to global, industries and expertise, creativity and innovation. Together we create opportunities.”

Read more about Sonja’s priorities and strategic goals in the July 2024 LES Global News!



Statement reflects the organization’s ambitious goal to be the "go-to" global community for professionals commercializing intellectual across industries.
On June 30, LESI Editor David Drews and Executive Director Dana Colarulli hosted the latest in a series of les Nouvelles LIVE! sessions highlighting articles in the June 2024 edition.

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