IPR-Codes And Guidelines In Europe Facilitating Collaboration Of Publicly Funded Research Organizations (PROs) With Businesses Part 1

Thomas L. Bereuter
Graz University of Technology, Vienna, Austria

David Jerolitsch
CEST, Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Peter G. Heimerl
Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria

Effective and efficient technology transfer by collaborative R&D between universities or other publicly-funded organizations and businesses is rewarding and necessary, but a challenge. Negotiation of the terms for the collaboration often proves to be hampered by different cultures and missions, conflicts-of-interest, legal requirements and the divergent perception of value of IP. Voluntary codes of practice as well as guidelines on IPR ownership and exploitation on supranational and national basis play an important role in overcoming the aforementioned challenges by providing common ground for the stakeholders of collaborative R&D. Furthermore, nearly all codes define recommendations for measures like awareness creation, education and training, share of good practices, development of policies, procedures and services for IPR, and collaboration management at PROs.


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