LES Global Membership Program for IP Owners

Announcing a New Pilot Program!

A simple plan for an IP Owner to enroll their employees around the world — in multiple LES societies — for a single price.

LES is offering a pilot global membership program to IP Owner organizations* to provide the benefits of LES membership to their employees around the world for one annual fee.

For $5,000 per year, IP Owners can enable their employees to participate in any of the 33 LES regional societies ensuring that your team is connected to the largest network of IP licensing professionals in the world.

Designed primarily for organizations with a large number of employees located in in multiple global locations, the Pilot LES Global Membership Program for IP Owners will be coordinated through LES International (www.lesi.org).  It provides streamlined access to the global network for any employee — easy access to programming, resources and networking opportunities anywhere around the world most relevant to their work without having to manage instead individual reimbursements to multiple employees in multiple jurisdictions.

For More Information, contact LESI Executive Director, Dana Robert Colarulli at dana@lesi.org

During this pilot, a handful of LES Societies (including LES USA & Canada), will also be contacting multi-national organizations in their country or region directly to discuss this new membership option.

** NOTE: IP Owner organizations** include: Operating Companies*, Academia (educational, non-profit and/or research institutions), and government entities (register by entity). 

*Operating Companies: This category includes commercial entities that develop and sell intellectual property based products and services: whether hardware-based, software-based, or information-based; whether chemical-based or material-based; whether energy-based, communication-based, or transportation-based; whether utility-based or security-based; whether reseller-based or financially-based; whether food-based or beverage-based; whether travel-based or entertainment-based; or whether based on any other type of field or value proposition outside the categories of Patent Licensing Firms, Intellectual Property Brokers, Intellectual Property Consultancies/Agents, Intellectual Property Law Firms, and Intellectual Property Management/Transaction Software, Software Services, and Information Services Firms.

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