Licensing can open new markets for your products and services. 

Licensing, and transfer of technology, is an international two-way street to company growth. 
As a licensor, you can enter new markets with little or no financial risk, and your company will receive royalties without engaging in manufacturing and marketing. You will also get a higher return on your investments in research and development projects. 

As a licensee, you acquire the right to new technology and new products without the financial pressure of having to invest in research and development in your own organization. 

Since successful licensing should be a win-win venture, both parties should be represented by experienced licensing professionals. 

This is where LES comes in.

A worldwide opportunity

The Licensing Executives Society, LES, is a worldwide nonprofit association of licensing professionals, which helps its members gain knowledge and acquire skills and to make contacts with their counterparts around the world. 

LES provides a unique opportunity for alert companies to make new contacts and exchange ideas, thus providing a basis for successful technology transfers and licensing of industrial and intellectual property rights. 

The Scandinavian touch

LES Scandinavia can help Nordic companies to gain royalties that make a welcome contribution to their finances. If you are looking for new products and technologies, a membership of LES can put them on your doorstep for a trifle of what it would cost you to develop them in your own organisation.