The Board of LES Scandinavia

LES Scandinavia is managed by the Board. 

The Board is constantly working to serve the members of LES Scandinavia by arranging events, organizing seminars and otherwise facilitating relevant education and creating opportunities for networking among the members.

At present the Board consists of a number of Board Members that have been elected by the General Meeting: the President, the President Elect to succeed the President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the immediate Past President and a number of other Board Members. To have a sufficient number of representatives to facilitate the local activities in each of the Scandinavian countries where LES Scandinavia has most activities and members (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) at the Board in practice consists of two Board Members residing in each of these countries.

The Board members meet in person several times each year and have regular conference calls and e-mail correspondence to plan the activities of LES Scandinavia and to delegate assignments needed to carry out such activities among the Board Members. In addition to their responsibilities for carrying out activities in connection with the Board meetings the Board Members are responsible for representing and promoting LES Scandinavia in each of their home countries as well as for arranging meetings for the Members of LES Scandinavia. This includes arranging and organizing seminars, mini seminars and annual conferences in the country where each Board Member resides as well as supporting the corresponding efforts of the Board Members in the other Scandinavian countries (e.g. by suggesting speakers or otherwise using their network to facilitate the activities).

More details about the Board can be found in Article 7 of the By-Laws and in the list of Board members.