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  • LES USA-Canada "Hot Topic Tuesday: European Unitary Patent and Unified Court - Under Starter's Orders"

    Virtual | Dates: 30 – 30 May, 2023

    After years of talk and preparation the European patent and patent litigation landscape will on June 1st undergo its biggest change in decades as the Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court come into being. The talk will recap on some of the key features of the new system as well as offer some best guesses of how the system will settle-down.

    Key Learning Outcomes:
    -Unitary Patent - why opt-in or opt-out
    -Unified Patent Court structure
    -Choice of forum and language
    -When to choose the UPC over national courts

    Speaker: David Knight, Partner, Brown Rudnick

    David Knight is a partner in the Brown Rudnick’s Intellectual Property Practice Group, based in the firm's London office. His practice covers the full range of IP rights (patents, trademarks, designs, copyright, etc.) particularly where such rights are technical in character. The main focus of his practice is patent law. He advises on and conducts both offensive and defensive litigation of patent rights, patent infringement avoidance, commercial exploitation and acquisition, and how to use patents for competitive advantage. Often this is done on a multi-jurisdictional basis and covers a wide variety of technologies including renewable energy, aerospace, medical devices, scientific instrumentation, blockchain, oil and gas, printing, computer games, household products, construction, and cleantech.

    David has a degree in electronic engineering and practiced as an engineer for a number of years before moving into the law and qualifying as a solicitor.

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  • LESI Pop-Up Series: "Role of IP Portfolios in Securing Venture Financing for Scale-Ups"

    Virtual | Dates: 31 – 31 May, 2023

    On this next LESI Pop-Up Course, the role of a strong IP portfolios in securing financing for technology-based startups and scale-ups will be discussed. Three professionals -- with an impressive experience in investing in technology -- will address what investors want to see in an IP Portfolio, their rationale, and advice from the trenches to entrepreneurs on how to best showcase IP when seeking VC funding. They will also look at how a strong IP portfolio may impact company's overall valuation, using IP to secure debt financing, and how financiers monetize IP by divestitures.

    Consistent with the model for this series, this course will be divided in two parts - 45 minutes of a panel discussion, and then 45 of interactive break-out discussion with all attendees.

    Moderator: Omer Hiziroglu - Principal, Azur Strategy


    • Enno D. Bibow - Vice President, Licensing & Business Development, France Brevets
    • Lally Rementilla - Managing Partner, Intellectual Property-Backed Financing, BDC Capital
    • Tanel Ozdemir - Investment Manager, UCL Technology Fund, AlbionVC

    This event is free to participants.

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  • LES USA-Canada "4-Part Webinar Series: Strategic AI – Maximizing Growth Opportunities while Managing Risks [Part 1 - AI Governance]"

    Virtual | Dates: 31 – 31 May, 2023

    Artificial intelligence (AI), including both machine learning and generative AI (GAI), provides powerful opportunities for innovation and productivity across all organizational functions. AI also comes with risks that need to be managed from within your organization, to realize the competitive advantages AI can provide. Please join LES USA-Canada for this 4 part webinar series covering:

    • Part 1: AI Governance
    • Part 2: The Rise of Generative AI – Legal Issues and Practical Risk Mitigation Strategies
    • Part 3: AI Triage 101 – Navigating Urgent Legal Requests with Limited Resources
    • Part 4: Deeper Dive on AI Topics by Popular Request

    Please note that each webinar stands alone, so feel free to join any or all of them!

    Join this webinar with Sayoko Blodgett-Ford, Principal and AI Group Co-Lead at GTC Law Group, Peter Lefkowitz, Vice President, Chief Security and Trust Officer at Cloud Software Group and Adriano Koshiyama and Emre Kazim, Co-CEOs and Co-Founders at Holistic AI as they encourage you to embrace the opportunities offered by AI while managing risks.  After providing a quick technology primer, they will cover:  AI strategy – the view from the top (Board level and C-suite), AI governance and policies, including for products and operations, legal role,evolving legal and regulatory landscape, and key short-term action items toward building a successful AI Governance program “from scratch”.

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  • LES Britain-Ireland 2023 Annual Conference & LES100 Training Course

    Dublin | Dates: 01 – 02 Jun, 2023

    LES Britain & Ireland's 2023 Annual Conference "EMBRACING EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES" will be taking place in DUBLIN on Friday, 2 June 2023.

    Licensing has over the years proved to be an effective tool for the sharing of knowledge and the opening up of new markets and sectors.

    The LES Britain & Ireland Annual Conference will, with a roster of experts in the field, explain how through licensing and collaboration it is possible to meet the challenges posed by a technology revolution in diverse areas such as the green economy, artificial intelligence, life sciences, university spin-outs and much more.

    The full-day LES100 Training Course, “Commercialising IP through the Power of Licensing” will be held the day prior on Thursday, 1 June. This is the introductory course in the Licensing Executives Society’s Intellectual Asset Management Series and it is designed for those who are relatively new to licensing.

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  • LES USA-Canada "Fair Dealing and Digital Locks: A Novel Issue in Canadian Copyright Law"

    Virtual | Dates: 01 – 01 Jun, 2023

    A discussion on the interplay between fair dealing and the Copyright Act’s technological protection measures. Who wins out?

    Join James Plotkin (Litigation/Disputes Lawyer, WLG (Canada) LLP) for a discussion on what happens when the Copyright Act’s most powerful user right runs into one of its most powerful, and largely untested, enforcement tools.

    In 2012, the Canadian government modernized the Copyright Act. Two important changes were to: 1) enhance fair dealing by adding the education, parody and satire categories; and 2) enact a suite of robust remedial provisions around circumvention of technological protection measures (TPMs) applied to copyright protected works.

    But what happens when one wishes to circumvent a technological protection measure to engage in fair dealing? In an upcoming hearing, the Federal Court will consider just that. Spoiler alert: James contends fair dealing trumps TPMs, at least on days ending in “y”.

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  • LES France "Life Sciences IP Event 2023"

    Virtual/Paris | Dates: 08 – 08 Jun, 2023
    LES France are co-organizing a Life Sciences IP hybrid event with AIPPO (FR group) and ASPI (in-house IP Specialists) on 8 June.

    Topics to be covered:
    • Case Law in Europe
    • Future European Legislation on Drugs
    • Report on Compulsory Licensing
    For those attending in-person, the event will be followed by a networking drink.

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  • LES Britain-Ireland “How to Tackle Lookalikes”

    Edinburgh | Dates: 13 – 13 Jun, 2023

    LES Britain & Ireland’s Scotland Committee are thrilled to announce their 2nd event of 2023 taking place in EDINBURGH on 13 June!

    SPEAKER: Geoff Steward, IA Director, Stobbs

    Geoff Steward is a trial lawyer with over twenty-five years’ experience and has long been recognised in Chambers and Legal 500 as a leading individual for IP disputes. He joined Stobbs in 2018 after being a partner and head of the IP group at leading London firm, Macfarlanes.

    He has handled IP disputes for some of the leading brands of the world, including Budweiser, Nike, Pernod Ricard and various Formula One teams. His expertise includes disputes relating to trade marks, passing off, copyright, designs (registered and unregistered), database rights, data protection, breach of confidence and anti-trust. As well as undertaking pure IP claims, Geoff has acted on a broad range of contractual disputes relating to brand protection and brand monetisation such as licensing, franchising, manufacturing, supply and distribution. He has acted for clients in industries as diverse as retail, publishing,  television, sports (soccer, cycling, golf and Formula One), food and drink; automotive and aviation.

    Geoff will discuss the following:

    • Sleight of hand by the supermarkets
    • The fixed action patterns at work
    • No need for costly confusion evidence
    • What is the unfair advantage?
    • How is it proved?
    • The best registration strategy
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  • LESI High Tech Committee "Startup/SME Series: The story of DJI and Ather Energy"

    Virtual | Dates: 15 – 15 Jun, 2023

    Join this LESI High Tech Committee webinar to hear the story of growth of two successful startups, their technology and IP strategy. DJI is a leading Chinese company in the field of drones. Ather Energy is a leading Indian company in the field of electric scooters.

    Dario Mohammadian (LESI High-Tech Committee)
    Heinz Goddar (LESI High-Tech Committee)

    Alice Wang (DJI)
    Anoop Jain (Ather Energy)

    Come to hear their story from humble beginnings, attracting investment, developing technology, and leveraging IP, in order to become self-sustaining successful industrial businesses.

    This event is free to participants.

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  • LES USA-Canada "4-Part Webinar Series: Strategic AI - Maximizing Growth Opportunities while Managing Risks [Part 2 - The Rise of Generative AI – Legal Issues and Practical Risk Mitigation Strategies]"

    Virtual | Dates: 22 – 22 Jun, 2023

    Generative artificial intelligence (GAI) can algorithmically generate content in response to prompts from a user. This content can include text (e.g., ChatGPT), images (e.g., Dall-E), audio (e.g., MusicLM), video (e.g., Gen-1), and even code (e.g., GitHub Copilot), blurring the line between reality and science fiction and dramatically changing content creation. As with many new technologies, governing laws, rules, and regulations have yet to catch-up and there are many issues of first impression. Already the current legal challenges before the courts are highlighting the real risks associated with GAI and by extension possible impacts on early adopters incorporating the technology into their day-to-day operations.

    Join this webinar to explore GAI, the associated legal issues and risks, and mitigation strategies, so your organization can leverage the benefits of GAI. 

    To be covered:

    • Introduction to GAI, including categories of software code, text, images, audio and video;
    • How machines learn, including training data, the resulting models and related issues;
    • Legal issues in focus, including copyright, licensing training data, authorship and inventorship;
    • Current litigation facing GAI companies; and
    • Practical approaches to using GAI within your organization and risk mitigation strategies

    Please be sure to check out the other webinars in this series!

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  • LESI & EPO "High-Growth Technology Business Forum: Build-to-Sell"

    Virtual | Dates: 29 – 29 Jun, 2023

    The European Patent Office (EPO) and the Licensing Executives Society International (LESI) are organising a new series of High-growth technology business forums (HTB Forums).

    Leaders from deep tech businesses will present their online live case studies and discuss them with an international panel of experts. The forums will emphasize the perspective of growth financing, build-to-sell, and IP strategy and management.

    The "build-to-sell" forum is specifically for business decision-makers who either want to or are required by their investors to eventually sell their business. Building a company to obtain ultimate value through an exit requires a long-term view with a clear goal in mind. The "build to sell" forum explores case studies from companies that have been successful in building a business that has been sold. It focuses on three intellectual assets: technology, brand and operational excellence.

    View the program.

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  • LESI 2023 Pan-European Conference

    Jerusalem | Dates: 10 – 11 Oct, 2023

    LES Israel are pleased to invite you to participate at the LESI 2023 Pan-European Conference which will be held on 10-11 October 2023 in Jerusalem, Israel.

    The 2023 Pan-European Conference will include exciting professional panels and roundtables on some of the hottest topics in the IP industry relating to intellectual property protection for innovation and monetization of IP rights. The Conference will benefit from its location in the capital city of the Start-up Nation and will provide a glimpse how a small country such as Israel became a global leader of innovation.

    Who should participate? 

    • IP owners whether individuals, start-ups, SMEs or large corporations.
    • IP practitioners.
    • Business development people, licensing experts and valuation experts.
    • Government officials involved in support of technology development and/or IP legal issues.

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  • LESI & EPO "High-Growth Technology Business Forum: IP Strategy and Management"

    Virtual | Dates: 30 – 30 Nov, 2023

    The European Patent Office (EPO) and the Licensing Executives Society International (LESI) are organising a new series of High-growth technology business forums (HTB Forums).

    Leaders from deep tech businesses will present their online live case studies and discuss them with an international panel of experts. The forums will emphasize the perspective of growth financing, build-to-sell, and IP strategy and management.

    IP strategy is an integral part of corporate business strategy and IP management decisions can have a substantial impact on business performance. The "IP strategy and management" forum is a workshop that explores various interesting case studies of companies which use business principles and strategies to create value through their IP. It focuses on the numerous business aspects and opportunities of IP management relevant to high-growth technology companies.

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