Upcoming Events

  • LESI YMC Pan-European Webinar Series "Trade Secrets: A European Perspective"

    Virtual | Dates: 28 – 28 May, 2024


    • Introduction by LESI YMC Chair
    • EU Overview
    • National Specifics (trade secret protection and enforcement)
    • Implementation
    • Q&A


    • Marko Brumnik (Austria)
    • Jan Vanbeckevoort (Benelux)
    • Nicolas Le Pays du Teilleul (France)
    • Tobias Baus (Germany)
    • Emanuela Bianco (Italy)
    • Cristina Espín Martí & Joana Maria Andion (Spain & Portugal)

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  • LESI & EPO "HTB Forum: Digital Innovations"

    Virtual | Dates: 28 – 28 May, 2024

    Driven by advances in AI, robotics, cryptography, additive manufacturing, or genetic engineering, the digital transformation is pervading virtually all technology fields in industry and society. Effectively protecting and using digital innovations therefore becomes key to many high-tech start-ups and high-growth businesses.

    We are happy to announce the first edition of High-growth technology (HTB) forum digital innovations, on 28 May 2024 at 14.00 hrs CEST. This forum showcases the experiences and approach of the Dutch start-up Roseman Labs in creating and protecting intellectual assets in the digital area.

    Mark the date:

    HTB forum digital innovations: 28 May 2024 at 14.00 – 15.00 hrs CEST (+ 30 minutes optional meet the speakers)

    What to expect:

    Hear about Roseman Labs’ exciting journey and learn about designing an effective IP strategy and business model around digital innovations from their leadership team and a global panel of experts.


    Participation is free and virtual, ensuring accessibility to participants from across the globe.

    Explore future HTB forums:

    Registration is now open for our upcoming HTB forums on open innovation and strategy management.

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  • LES Britain-Ireland "B Corp: Using Certification to Integrate Sustainability and ESG into a Business"

    Edinburgh | Dates: 28 – 28 May, 2024

    LESB&I scotland event image 28 MAY - resized

    A discussion with Scottish B Corp Beauty Kitchen and B Leader Mehalah Beckett.

    Jo-Anne Chidley and Mehalah Beckett will discuss the following:

    • Third party certification
    • B Corp
    • Standards and process
    • Sector specific considerations
    • Collective action and IP
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  • LES USA-Canada Practical "Practical IP Strategies for Protecting AI Innovations"

    Toronto | Dates: 28 – 28 May, 2024

    Join Marc Lampert from Bhole IP Law and Yolande Dufresne from Torys LLP for a discussion on patent, copyright and trade secret protection for technologies leveraging artificial intelligence. They will discuss the inherent challenges and open legal questions relating to IP in AI in Canada, including human inventorship and authorship, automation of inventive steps, and acceleration of changes in the state of the art.

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  • LES Italy, LES Germany & LES France "UPC One Year Later: A First Overview"

    Milan / Virtual | Dates: 30 – 30 May, 2024

    This is momentous occasion to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the UPC and the opening of the new Section of the Central Division in Milan.

    Join LES Italy, LES Germany and LES France on the eve of this landmark event as they delve into the latest developments, challenges, and innovations shaping the future of patent law in Europe.

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  • LES Austria "Sustainability in Intellectual Property Law"

    Vienna | Dates: 04 – 04 Jun, 2024
    Join LES Austria for their in-person celebratation of World IP Day 2024 on 4 June!

    Boris Prehofer, IP Counsel / European Patent Attorney at Siemens AG Österreich
    Saara Inkinen, Technology Transfer & Innovation Management Consultant, Founder of
    Nordic Catalyst e.U.
    Martin Prohaska-Marchried, Partner at Taylor Wessing Rechtsanwälte

    View the agenda here

    The event will be held in German and is free to participants.

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  • LES Britain-Ireland 2024 Annual Conference & LES100 Training Course

    London | Dates: 05 – 06 Jun, 2024

    LES B&I 2024 Annual Conference

    LES Britain & Ireland's 2024 Annual Conference "THE JOURNEY TO COMMERCIALISATION" and LES100 will take place in LONDON in JUNE!

    Whatever the size of your organisation, bringing new products to the market or entering new markets can be challenging. Obstacles range from protecting your own intellectual property and navigating around that of others, to finding the right collaboration partner and getting finances in place. 

    At the 2024 Annual Conference, LES B&I will bring those with an interest in licensing and intellectual property together to share experiences and thoughts on how to face the challenges and make the journey to commercialisation run smoothly.

    The full-day LES100 Training Course, “Commercialising IP through the Power of Licensing” will be held the day after on Thursday, 6 June. This is the introductory course in the Licensing Executives Society’s Intellectual Asset Management Series and it is designed for those who are relatively new to licensing.

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  • LES USA-Canada "KPIs that Mean Something: New Measures for IP Quality and ROI"

    Virtual | Dates: 11 – 11 Jun, 2024

    Quantifying IP is difficult. Whether it is the valuation of a patent or more fundamental metrics to measure the relative merits of an IP portfolio, we all need help.

    We have no choice but to adapt. As IP professionals feel the ongoing pressure to “do more with less,” measuring the return on our investment in IP will be more critical than ever. We need this not only as an internal measure to help us understand if we’re making good decisions but also to demonstrate the value of our department when advocating for resources from people who historically struggle to understand even the basics of IP. Organizations adopting these new metrics sooner rather than later will benefit the most.

    On June 11, Eli Mazour, host of Clause 8 podcast, will moderate a lively panel featuring Marlene Valderrama, Sr. Intellectual Property Manager/ Lead Technology Scout and Tradespace’s VP of IP Strategy, Justin Rerko on the topic of metrics for IP quality and ROI.

    Learning Outcomes include:
    - the importance of not only measuring ROI on IP assets is important, but being able to explain it IP leaders who may not be IP-savvy
    - the latest metrics to quantify ROI on IP and the teams that work on IP
    - tools for quantifying ROI and IP quality

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  • LES China "Exploring Trends in Standard-Essential Patents (SEPs) Licensing and Their Implications: Perspectives from Recent SEP Decisions in Chinese Courts and New SEP Regulations in the EU"

    Virtual | Dates: 12 – 12 Jun, 2024

    Hosted by LES China in collaboration with LESI Patent and Technology Licensing Committee and LESI Dispute Resolution Committee.

    This webinar will delve into recent SEP cases in Chinese courts, including notable instances such as the Chongqing trial court decision in Oppo v. Nokia and the Supreme People’s Court decision in Oppo v. ACT, which have established SEPs rates. Additionally, the webinar will outline the proposal on SEPs passed by the European Parliament, which governs SEP licensing. The panel will engage in discussions to explore the significance of these cases and proposals, analyzing their impact on enterprise practices.

    Moderator:  Dr. Qinghong Xu, partner at Lung Tin IP Attorneys

    Mr. Cheng Yu, Licensing Director of Corporate Business Development and IP Strategy, Xiaomi
    Dr. Spyros Makris, IPR policy manager at Ericsson
    Mr. Junkun (Lawrence) Zheng, attorney at Perkins Coie
    Dr. Andreas Kramer, partner at Vossius

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  • LES USA-Canada "Deal Making and Structuring Early-Stage Technology and Life Science Deals"

    Hoboken | Dates: 12 – 12 Jun, 2024

    Panel discussion hosted by the LES USA-Canada New York/New Jersey Chapter on the challenges and opportunities associated with technology transfer and licensing from universities to corporates and between emerging companies and more established companies.

    Topics covered by panelists following a networking reception will include:

    • What’s critical to get right in early-stage Licensing / technology transfer deals or acquisitions.
    • What should University, corporate and early stage licensing professional know when doing the deal and various structures to ensure success and bridge valuation gaps.
    • Challenges for the licensee or acquirer post the transaction as they pursue commercialization.
    • What Late-Stage Companies that inherit these early-stage deals should be aware of
    • How High tech/device early stage deals differ from Life science deals.
    • Panelists will draw from real-life experience and provide examples based on executed deals such as
      • University licensing of a health tech product
      • In and out licensing of pharmaceutical drugs
      • In and out licensing of drug delivery technology
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  • LES France "Life Sciences IP Event 2024"

    Virtual / Paris | Dates: 13 – 13 Jun, 2024

    Join LES France at the LIFE SCIENCES IP EVENT 2024, where experts convene to discuss cutting-edge topics shaping the industry's intellectual property landscape. From plant patenting in Europe to the impact of AI on IP strategies, delve into the latest developments and insights driving innovation and protection. 

    Mark your calendars and be part of the conversation shaping the future of life sciences IP.

    This event will be held in English and French.

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  • LESI & EPO "HTB Forum: Open Innovation"

    Virtual | Dates: 16 – 16 Sep, 2024

    Save the Date!

    The HTB forums are live online events designed for business decision makers. They are concise one-hour live case-study based sessions with optional one-hour meet-the-speakers sessions. The practical key messages are derived from a global panel of experts, adding the European, North American and Asian perspective. This forum focuses on Open innovation as growing technology convergence and speed to market are driving the need for a broader set of accessible technologies and IP. To remain competitive, technology driven businesses must move from a closed approach to innovation to an open one if they are to succeed in maximising the value of high-growth technology.  
    Open innovation is a strategic IP management approach that allows firms to have a sophisticated understanding of their future innovation needs based on an integrated approach that combines business, technology and IP strategy.

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  • LES 2024 USA-Canada Annual Meeting

    New Orleans | Dates: 20 – 23 Oct, 2024
    LESAM2024_banner_generic_large - Copy

    The LESAM24 program offers something for everyone, including sessions on utilizing the International Trade Commission to enforce your IP rights – exclusion orders etc., branding, IP ownership in Life Sciences, Life Sciences spinouts, the use of data in complex SEP licensing, the U.S. manufacturing requirement of the Bayh-Dole act, using Big Data to improve R&D, negotiations, top licensing mistakes, content specifically focused on Emerging Leaders, career advice for those starting in their licensing career, to more advanced topics at the frontier of AI, partnerships across industries, trends in brand valuation, litigation finance, recent legal and legislative updates from the U.S. and Europe, and MORE!

    In addition, the meeting dates coincide with the world renowned annual New Orleans Halloween Parade taking place on Saturday night October 19! The parade is a fun-filled event of floats and cheer that will go right by the venue hotel.

    Keep updated here www.les2024.org
  • LESI & EPO "HTB Forum: Strategy Management"

    Virtual | Dates: 11 – 11 Nov, 2024

    Save the Date!

    The HTB forums are live online events designed for business decision makers. They are concise one-hour live case-study based sessions with optional one-hour meet-the-speakers sessions. The practical key messages are derived from a global panel of experts, adding the European, North American and Asian perspective. This forum focuses IP strategy and management. 
    IP strategy is an integral part of corporate business strategy and IP management decisions can have a substantial impact on business performance. Based on a case study the use business principles and strategies to create value through their IP is demonstrated. It focuses on the numerous business aspects and opportunities of IP management relevant to high-growth technology businesses.

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  • LES Benelux "Licensing Course 2024"

    Rotterdam | Dates: 18 – 19 Nov, 2024

    LES Benelux will held its annual Licensing Course on 18 and 19 November at the Hilton Hotel in Rotterdam (NL).

    Participants will follow the path of drafting an agreement from start till finish. The course includes presentations relating to key aspects of Licensing Practice such as IP Basics, Due Diligence, Valuation and Competition Law as well as participative workshops on negotiation, IP strategy, and agreement drafting.

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  • LESI 2024 Asia Pacific Regional Conference

    Dates: 22 – 24 Nov, 2024

    Save the Date!

    Details to follow soon.
  • 2025 LES International Annual Conference

    Singapore | Dates: 27 – 29 Apr, 2025

    Save the Date!
  • 2026 LES International Annual Conference

    Dublin | Dates: 26 – 28 Apr, 2026

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