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  • LES USA-Canada "Using Licenses to Settle Intellectual Property Lawsuits"

    Philadelphia | Dates: 28 – 28 Feb, 2024

    If your company or organization ever faces patent litigation, this panel discussion is for you. 

    Most patent suits are settled before they ever get to trial, often by licensing the patents. But in the adversarial arena of litigation, the parties tend to be especially wary of each other and will want to be particularly careful of what they agree to.  This panel will address the settlement process, license negotiations in the context of litigation, and issues of heightened importance to litigants seeking to resolve their dispute through a license.

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  • LESI & EPO "High-Growth Technology Business Forum: Build-to-Sell"

    Dates: 29 – 29 Feb, 2024

    The "Build-to-sell" forum is specifically for business decision makers who either want to or are required by their investors to eventually sell their business.

    Building a company to obtain ultimate value through an exit requires a long-term view with a clear goal in mind. The "Build-to-sell" forum explores case studies from companies that have been successful in building a business that has been sold. It focuses on three intellectual assets: technology, brand and operational excellence.

    Download the programme with the list of speakers here

    Have a look at previous editions of "Build-to-sell" here www.epo.org/business-forum

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  • LES South Africa "Intellectual Property Valuation Course"

    Dates: 04 – 06 Mar, 2024

    Screenshot 2024-01-31 095747

    From start-up technology to university inventions and company brands, IP is integral to building and deriving value. The need to value IP arises whenever it is part of a transaction, whether it is an investment, acquisition, liquidation, auction, infringement suit, transfer or licence. It can also be required for taxation, accounting and management purposes. To do IP valuations or damages assessments, you must understand valuation methodologies, and how valuation is impacted by commercial, regulatory and other considerations.

    In this hands-on 3-day course, you will learn the basics of IP valuation and damages assessments, its regulatory and commercial context, and how to apply your knowledge through case studies and group exercises.

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  • LES ANZ 50th Anniversary Annual Conference

    Sydney | Dates: 06 – 08 Mar, 2024

    Under the theme "Connecting People and IP: Past, Present, and Future," LES ANZ Conference will be hosted at the Innovation Hub, Fishburners in Sydney. Prepare for an immersive experience filled with insightful workshops, extensive networking opportunities beginning with the traditional cocktail party, and a memorable dinner on Sydney Harbour, concluding with post drinks before departing.

    The theme for this fabulous milestone event is "Connecting People in IP: Past, Present, and Future." ✨ Get ready to embark on a journey that celebrates the rich history, current advancements, and the promising future of intellectual property!

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    LESANZ 2023 Conf

  • LES South Africa & LESI Innovation Trends Committee "Challenges to Take Indigenous Medicine to the Market: An African Perspective"

    Virtual | Dates: 07 – 07 Mar, 2024

    Join LES South Africa and LESI's Innovation Trends Committee for the first session in their joint Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) series.

    The main objective with this series is first and foremost to stimulate the IKS discourse in Africa, secondly, to broaden the body of knowledge in the field and thirdly, to contribute to the international discourse on IKS by means of a peer reviewed publication.

    Moderator: Prof Namrita Lall, University of Pretoria, ZA

    Mr Ulrich Feiter, Parceval
    Mr Andile Grootboom, Department of Science and Innovation’s IKS division

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  • LES USA-Canada "Life Sciences 2023 Deals of Distinction Award Winner Presentation"

    Virtual | Dates: 07 – 07 Mar, 2024

    The LES USA-Canada 2023 Deals of Distinction award was won by Astellas Inc. and Cullgen for a strategic collaboration to develop therapies in various areas based on Targeted Protein Degradation pathway. The awardees will present the nature of the deal and key challenges, diligence and other aspects leading to the deal and collaboration.


    • Seth Goldblum, Senior Vice President-Corporate Development, Cullgen
    • Tomohiro Yamauchi, PhD, Head of Scouting & Transaction, Astellas Pharma, Inc.
    Moderator: Booma Yandava, LES USA-Canada Life Sciences Sector Awards Chair

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  • LES Switzerland "IP Financing Strategies: Pitfalls and Innovation in the Exploitation of IP Assets"

    Zurich | Dates: 13 – 13 Mar, 2024

    The aim of the seminar is to provide a comprehensive insight into the financial aspects of IP and to create a space for the exchange of knowledge and experience. Participants will gain valuable insights into the financing of IP litigation, strategies for leveraging IP portfolios, the use of IP as loan collateral and the valuation of IP portfolios. In addition, current topics such as the taxation of intangible property rights and the management of IP on the blockchain will be highlighted.

    The aim is to develop an understanding of the opportunities and challenges of building, trans-ferring, enforcing and exploiting IP and to provide participants with practical solutions to the challenges they face in their daily practice.

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  • LES USA-Canada "Brands without Borders: Global Perspectives on Brand Protection and Brand Management"

    Virtual | Dates: 13 – 13 Mar, 2024

    In the global marketplace, the imperative to safeguard and strategically manage brands transcends national boundaries.  "Brands without Borders" offers a unique opportunity to explore brand protection and management through the lens of international expertise.  Join LES USA-Canada as four IP attorneys from Nigeria, Argentina, Switzerland and China deliver insights into the multifaceted challenges of brand security and value from their unique perspectives.

    Participants will benefit from a deep dive into the critical aspects of brand protection, including trademark, copyright, and anti-counterfeiting measures, tailored to the specific needs and legal frameworks of different regions.  The session aims to equip business leaders, brand managers, and intellectual property professionals with advanced strategies for maintaining brand integrity and value on a global scale.

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  • Joint LESI YMC Pan-American and LESI Americas Committee Conference "Celebrating Innovation in the Marvelous City"

    Rio de Janeiro | Dates: 14 – 15 Mar, 2024


    A two-day event organized by the LESI Americas & LESI Young Members Congress (YMC) Committees

    It is with great pleasure that LESI invite its members to join us in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro on March 14-15 for a spectacular joint event hosted by the Americas and YMC Committees. Embracing the theme "Carnival of the Future: Celebrating Innovation in the Marvelous City," this gathering promises to be an exhilarating exploration of cutting-edge advancements in technology and industry. The event will encompass an array of enriching sessions delving into pivotal subjects such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, energy transition, agriculture innovation, food, and sports.

    This unique gathering will provide a platform for attendees to engage in thought-provoking discussions, exchange groundbreaking ideas, and forge invaluable connections within the global intellectual property community. Rio de Janeiro, renowned for its captivating energy and cultural diversity, will set the stage for a truly inspiring convergence of minds. Join us as we uncover the limitless potential of innovation while reveling in the spirit of the world's most iconic Carnival city.

    We look forward to seeing you at this event, where expertise meets celebration, and innovation intertwines with tradition!

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  • LES Scandinavia "Industry Roundtable on Unitary Patent"

    Helsinski | Dates: 14 – 14 Mar, 2024


    Join LES Scandinavia for a discussion on Unitary Patent, industry benchmark on UPC strategies & lastest news on 14 March!

    Mikael Mäkelä, Wärtsilä
    Sonja London, TactoTek
    Suvi Julin & Michael Nielsen, Berggren

    This event is free to LES members / €150 for non-members.

    Please contact secretariat@les-scandinavia.org to register!

  • LESI & EPO "HTB Conference 2024 - Global Perspectives​"

    Virtual | Dates: 15 – 15 Mar, 2024

    High-growth technology businesses (HTB) are key players in using intellectual assets to foster innovation. They are major drivers of economic growth and job creation. 

    The High-growth technology business conference aims to support business decision makers in technology driven businesses (especially in SMEs) by sharing how intellectual property can support their business. 

    Organised by the European Patent Academy of the European Patent Office (EPO) and the Licensing Executives Society (LES), it is planned as a virtual, free of charge conference held in one morning session. 

    This conference is specially designed for business decision makers and associated IP professionals.

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  • LES USA-Canada "Biopharma Deals in 2024 - Strategies & Considerations"

    Boston | Dates: 11 – 11 Apr, 2024

    Join LES US-Canada to hear how non-patented assets, including trade secrets, data, and AI, have become prominent drivers of value and revenue across industries. Leading in-house and outside counsel and professionals will share real-life, practical tips and takeaways regarding legal and business strategies for protecting and monetizing these assets.

    Learning Outcomes:
    • Interrelationship between patent and other IP strategies
    • Determining when to patent and when to retain as trade secret
    • Operational, technological and legal/contractual steps for protecting trade secrets/confidential info
    • Strategies for dealing with AI-created innovations
    • Business models for licensing data
    • Key issues in (do’s and don’t’s of) licensing non-patented assets (trade secrets, data, software, AI)

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  • LESI YMC 5th Asia-Pacific Conference

    Tokyo | Dates: 11 – 12 Apr, 2024

    Save the Date!

    Organized by LES Japan Young Members Congress

    Seize the opportunity to propel your organization to the forefront of the Asian technology landscape. Join us in nurturing the next wave of young, dynamic leaders at the most vibrant IP and Licensing event of 2024. This is your chance to elevate your brand among Asia's trailblazing tech businesses and esteemed IP and licensing entities.

  • 2024 LES International Management & Delegates' Meeting (IMDM)

    Madrid | Dates: 27 – 28 Apr, 2024

    The LES International Management & Delegates' Meeting (IMDM) is a gathering for LESI leadership. Observers who are LES members are welcome to register to attend.

    The 2024 IMDM will be held in connection with the LESI 2024 Annual Conference taking place in Madrid, Spain on 28-30 April 2024.

    Further details on the IMDM can be found here.

  • 2024 LES International Annual Conference

    Madrid | Dates: 28 – 30 Apr, 2024

    LESI2024 FINAL

    Welcome to a New World

    An economy driven by data, the tokenization of business models, the new internet architecture (web 3), the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence, and the emergence of decentralized management models affecting us all. If we are to embrace the opportunities of this new reality, technology transfer and licensing professionals must be aware of how these changes impact their professional activity to best help innovators and investors to succeed.

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  • LES Britain-Ireland 2024 Annual Conference & LES100 Training Course

    London | Dates: 05 – 06 Jun, 2024

    LES B&I 2024 Annual Conference

    LES Britain & Ireland's 2024 Annual Conference "THE JOURNEY TO COMMERCIALISATION" will take place in LONDON in JUNE!

    Whatever the size of your organisation, bringing new products to the market or entering new markets can be challenging. Obstacles range from protecting your own intellectual property and navigating around that of others, to finding the right collaboration partner and getting finances in place. 

    At the 2024 Annual Conference, LES B&I will bring those with an interest in licensing and intellectual property together to share experiences and thoughts on how to face the challenges and make the journey to commercialisation run smoothly.

    We would like to hear from you with ideas for topics you would like to be discussed and if you are interested in providing a talk or participating in a panel discussion then even better! Please contact the Admin Office (les@northernnetworking.co.uk) with your proposals by 26 February.

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  • LES 2024 USA-Canada Annual Meeting

    New Orleans | Dates: 20 – 23 Oct, 2024
    LESAM2024_banner_generic_large - Copy

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    Keep updated here www.les2024.org
  • 2025 LES International Annual Conference

    Singapore | Dates: 27 – 29 Apr, 2025

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  • 2026 LES International Annual Conference

    Dublin | Dates: 26 – 28 Apr, 2026

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