LESI Administration

Welcome to the Administration home of the LESI website.

Within this section of the website, you can find the following information about LESI and its activities.

Strategic plan

Details of the LESI strategic plan. View the LESI strategic plan.

Conference manual

Access to the conference manual, providing details of how to operate a LESI conference. View the conference manual.

Promotional material

This page contains downloadable material LES members can use for promoting LES on their websites, meetings and conferences. View promotional material.

LESI governance and articles

This section provides access to general matters relating to articles of incorporation, by laws, governance, and private functions provisioning. Full access to these documents.

LESI Rules of Conduct

Licensing Executives Society International, Inc. Rules of Conduct. View the Rules of Conduct.

Turbobridge Global Telephone Numbers

Access teleconferences with a local number. View the local numbers.