les Nouvelles Article Submission Guidelines

The following are guidelines to help authors prepare papers for publication in les Nouvelles, the journal of the Licensing Executives Society International. les Nouvelles is published quarterly and is designed to further the Society's objectives of assisting members and others in improving their skills, techniques and knowledge in licensing and protecting Intellectual Property.
The journal consists of two general sections. One contains scholarly papers on substantive topics related to the Society's educational objectives, and the other relates to activities of member Societies and licensing news and developments. Only the scholarly articles are subjected to the peer review and evaluation system.
Papers on substantive topics submitted for publication in les Nouvelles are acknowledged by a letter from the Editor shortly after receipt. The author is asked to sign and return a "License to Publish" that is provided after approval for publication is obtained.
les Nouvelles is the pre-eminent journal in the world for the publication of papers and information concerning the broad scope of intellectual property licensing.
These guidelines have been prepared to provide an indication to authors as to the type of papers which are sought for publication in les Nouvelles.
All articles are reviewed and evaluated on their merits using a double-blind approach by the Editorial Review Board of les Nouvelles. The Editorial Review Board considers the following criteria when evaluating articles:
  1. Relevance to the creation, maintenance, management or exploitation of intellectual property rights or knowledge and the negotiation of agreements for those purposes.
  2. Whether the article duplicates articles previously published without providing a fresh perspective or update.
  3. The clarity of the article in presenting information to the reader.
  4. The quality of the academic rigor brought to bear on the subject matter of the article.
  5. Whether the article will be of interest to members.
These criteria are not presented in any particular order and there is no weighting given to any one criterion over another.

The final decision for publication rests with the Editor.

 Submission Requirements and Style 

- All articles should be submitted in Word or text and not PDF.

- A brief abstract should be included with the article

- It is always best to keep a paper as brief as possible. A good maximum length is 8 les Nouvelles pages or about 5600 words.  A minimum of 2-3 les Nouvelles pages or 1400 - 2100 words is encouraged. Substantive papers as well as Society-related articles must be submitted electronically to the Editor. A disk is not necessary.

- Citations should follow a standardized format.  We suggest using the Chicago Manual of Style, which can be found at: http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide.html

- We work in creative Suite 6 (CS6), that's InDesign (.indd) and Illustrator (.ai).  Charts created in these formats are most desired.  We can work with what you have as well.


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