LESI Past Presidents Council

“Ask not what LESI can do for you but what you can do for LESI"


The Past Presidents Council serves as advisory to the LESI Board on issues which the LESI Board may wish to consult including issues which have likely occurred in the past and on which the Council can share past experiences.

The Council provides support to incoming international LESI presidents/president- elects, sharing their experience in leading LESI which hopefully will assist in enhancing the work of the new leaders.

The Council serves as mentor to national societies (other than the past president’s own society), addressing and advising on issues from the national society’s board.

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LESI has benefited from the guidance and leadership of numerous individuals through the years.

The following is a list of the past presidents of LESI:


Patricia Bunye - LES Philippines


2016 Jim Sobieraj - LES (USA & Canada)

2015 Arnaud Michel - LES France

2014 Yvonne Chua - LES China (Hong Kong)

2014 Moscow IMDM when we celebrated a historical joining hands – all 32 societies having organized events to celebrate 2014 World IP Day
Leo’s (Yvonne's husband) first ever happy participation in an LES meeting in Moscow.
Mar 2014 at the LES ANZ 40th anniversary celebration when Yvonne had the great pleasure and honour of meeting up with 6 LES ANZ presidents including 2 LESI past presidents

2013 Kevin Nactrab - LES Benelux

2012 James Malackowski - LES (USA & Canada)

2011 Alan Lewis - LES South Africa

2010 Patrick O'Reilley - LES (USA & Canada)

2009 Adam Liberman - LES (Australia & New Zealand)

2008 Chikao Fukuda - LES Japan

LESI Past Presidents 2015

LESI Past Presidents

  • Arnaud Michel2014-2015 - LES France
  • Yvonne Chua2013-2014 LES China
  • Kevin Nachtrab2013 - LES Benelux
  • James Malackowski2012 - LES (USA & Canada)
  • Alan Lewis2011 - LES South Africa
  • Pat O'Reilley2010 - LES (USA & Canada)
  • Adam Liberman2009 - LES Australia & New Zealand
  • Chikao Fukuda2008 - LES Japan
  • Ron Grudziecki2007 - LES (USA & Canada)
  • Peter Chrocziel2006 - LES Germany
  • Willy Manfroy2005 - LES (USA & Canada)
  • Jonas Gulliksson2004 - LES Scandinavia
  • Mel Jager2003 - LES (USA & Canada)
  • Thierry Sueu2002 - LES France
  • Heinz Goddar2000 - LES Germany
  • Platon Mandros1999 - LES (USA & Canada)
  • Rodney De Boos1998 - LES Australia & New Zealand
  • Sam Layton1997 - LES (USA & Canada)
  • Norman Jacobs1995 - LES (USA & Canada)
  • Larry Evans1993 - LES (USA & Canada)
  • Akira Mifune1992 - LES Japan
  • Fernando Noetinger1991 - LES Argentina
  • Kenneth Payne1989 - LES (USA & Canada)
  • Des Ryan1988 - LES Australia & New Zealand
  • John Stonier1980 - LES Australia & New Zealand