The mission of the Young Members Congress of LESI is:

  • To increase the number of active members under the age of 40 within LES Member Societies;
  • To encourage participation and networking by young members at LESI events through the organization of unique educational and social programs;
  • To mentor young executives for participation and leadership at LESI Board, Delegate and Committee levels as well as to make LESI officers aware of the interest, accomplishments and contributions of younger members.
  • To encourage family participation through special programs and incentives.


  • YMC only agenda at LESI Annual Meeting
  • Global network of individuals with shared professional and personal life-style interests
  • Similar global network for YMC spouses and children


  • YMC at LES International
  • YMC at national LES Societies (e.g. LES France, LES Germany, LES USA & Canada, LES Italy, LES Brazil, LES Britain & Ireland, LES Turkey, LES Singapore, LES Switzerland, LES Austria)

How to get involved

First: Join a national LES Society

After you have done so, you have different alternatives to become a member of YMC:

Recent Events

The 2022-23 Committee


Kilian Scharli

  • Kilian Scharli (LES Switzerland)


  • Stacey Dunn (LES USA/Canada)

Immediate Past-Chair:

David Swain

  • David Swain (LES China (Hong Kong Sub-Chapter)


  • Pan-European Region: Mustafa Çakir (LES Turkey)
  • Pan-American Region: Stacey Dunn (LES USA & Canada)
  • Latin American Region: Christian Thomae (LES Mexico)
  • Asia-Pacific Region: Roberto Carapeto (LES Japan)
  • Membership, Committees: Sam Wiley (LES USA/Canada)
  • WILA: Eszter Szakács (LES Hungary)
  • Communications: Anna Giedke (LES Germany)
  • Mentoring: Birdie Egan (LES Australia & New-Zealand)
  • NYC virtual 2021 meeting: Merri Moken (LES USA & Canada)
  • Milan virtual 2021 meeting: Alberto Dalle Ceste (LES Italy)
  • Manila virtual 2021 meeting: Reena Mitra-Ventanilla (LES Philippines)

Board Liaison:

  • Duncan Ferguson (LESI Non-Executive Director)
Contact the Chair -  Kilian Schärli (kilian.schaerli@mll-legal.com)
Interested in joining this committee?  Fill out our Committee Application Form)
Young Members Congress
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