December 17, 2012

  • Roll Call, Introduction and Approval of Minutes of Board TC of 19 November 2012 (5 minutes)
  • Treasurer’s Report (5 minutes)
  • LES Thailand (10 minutes)
  • GTIF 2014 (10 minutes)
  • LES Poland (5 minutes)
  • RFP Process (10 minutes)
  • LESI Committee Issues (5 minutes)
  • Executive Director’s Report (5 minutes)
  • Other Business  (4 minutes)
  • Next Meeting (1 minute)

Explanation Notes

  1. Approval of Minutes.
    Minutes of Board TC of 19 November 2012 were circulated by The Board Secretary on 29 November.  A request has been for all corrections/additions or deletions to be sent to the Board Secretary by end of day 15 December 2012.   No changes received by that date. Time allotted here is based on the presumption that no objections exist. 

    Action needed: Second and approve the attached minutes.
  2. Treasurer’s Report

    No Report received to date, but will be distributed for review before the TC if possible.

    Action needed
    : Second and approve the Report if/when received.
  1. LES Thailand
    The “LES Thailand” Committee has proposed, for approval at the December Board TC, that the Board formally appoint LES Japan as the Mentor Society of the proposed LES Thailand [cf. Sections 1.1.2 and 1.1.4 of the Guidelines], which will in turn activate the Mentorship Program for Thailand. However, the Membership manual mandates that such mentor societies can only be appointed once a formal application for membership has been made by the group asking for membership, which in this case is expected to happen in Q1 2013.

    Original proposal, received from Patricia Bunye (who is a member of that Committee) on 28 November 2012, is attached hereto. A Report from the Membership Committee on this candidature has been requested but not yet received.

    Action desired: Provisional appointment (in the advance of an anticipated formal application for membership) of LES Japan as “Provisional Mentor Society” for nascent LES Thailand.
  1. GTIF 2014
    Jim M and Yvonne have made a proposition on the vehicle for proceeding forward with the 2014 GTIF.  This proposition is attached hereto.  Discussions have already been held with LES Switzerland which are reported on in the attached Report from Yvonne dated 14 December 2012. Thus, the elevation of GTIF to a full Committee or leaving it as an Ad Hoc Committee will need to be tabled for the moment pending the discussions with LES Switzerland.

     Action desired: Indication from the Board as to whether they are in agreement with proceeding as outlined in Yvonne’s Report.
  1. LES Poland
    As most of us know, per a 12 November 2012 e-mail communication to Alan Lewis of the Membership Committee, LESI was officially informed that Alicja Rogozinska was elected President of LES Poland on 5 November 2012 (attached hereto).  In addition, Ewa Malewska and Monika Kaczmarska were elected Vice-Presidents, Jakub Mrozowski was elected Secretary, Teresa Szlagowska-Kiszko as Treasurer and Alicja and Marek Lazewski as International Delegates. 

    Action needed: For Board to approve the issuance of the attached letter of congratulations (which was circulated to all Board Members on 14 December 2012) and encouragement to Alicja and the other members of the Board of LES Poland.
  2. RFP Process
    Time is allotted here for any questions to Chris/the Committee on the RFPs received and/or the Process. 

    The first RFP (copy attached) closed on 30 November 2012.  Chris has provided short summary of responses which was circulated to all Board Members on 14 December 2012. The Committee (Jim S, Chris and Kevin) will review RFPs received and will circulate its recommendations to the Board to consider by end of January for final decision making in February 2013 Board TC.  The Second RFP (copy attached) closes 21 December 2012.

    Action needed: If you have any questions/concerns/advice, pose them now.
  1. LESI Committee Issues
  • I would like for each Board Member to insure that the Website of the Committees that they are responsible for be updated at least one time per month
  • Each Board Member was requested to send their Committee Reports on 9 December 2012 with a request to receive comments by the 12 December.  Since no comments were received, the assumption is that there are none.
  • No Other Committees issues signaled for discussion
  1. Executive Director’s Report

Time is allotted here for any questions to Chris on the Executive Director’s Report which was circulated to all Board Members on 14 December 2012 with the request for all questions/concerns/advice thereon to be sent to the LESI Secretary no later than 15 December.  Chris will answer these questions/concerns/advice now and will field any further questions/concerns/advice that you may have.

Action needed: If you have any questions/concerns/advice, pose them now.

  1. Other business

Very brief discussion on LESI Board Travel Budgets.

  1. Next meeting

Action needed: Establishing time and date of next Board Meeting.

Adjunct Reports for 17 December 2012 Teleconference
of the
Board of Directors
LES International

Adjunct Reports on:

  • Legal Counsel Review of LES Biopharmaceutical Royalty Rates Survey
  • Status of GTIF 2013
  • LESI Committees
  • Upcoming Meetings
  • Member Society Legal Structures
  • LES India

Explanation Notes

  1. Legal Counsel review of LES BioPharma Royalty Rates Survey
    On 27 November 2012, the LESI Life Sciences Committee, via Jim McCarthy sent the LESI Board a copy of the 2012 LES Global BioPharmaceutical Royalty Rate and Deal Terms Survey Report for Legal Counsel review for conformity with the role and guidelines of trade organizations in survey or publications that might have implications for industry pricing/pricing collusion concerns.  This has been communicated to counsel on 2 December 2012 for their consideration with a request for an expected timeframe for response.

    The Report is being made available to Board members via the LESI Drop Box.  Chris will send details.
  1. Status of GTIF 2013
    No update on the status of GTIF 2013 available as at 16 December, but will be distributed for review before the TC if possible.
  2. LESI Committees
    The Reports of the Board Members concerning the various LESI Committees that were received by 15 December 2012 are attached hereto.  If there are any questions you wish to propose, I would request that be done prior to the TC, so that a response can be sent.  If that response is still not clear or not sent before the TC, it can be briefly discussed during the TC.
  3. Meeting Status Reports
    Meeting status reports concerning Rio, Davos and Moscow were requested on 9 December 2012 and brief reports on Rio and Moscow were received by 15 December. (see attached) Any questions on these Meetings should be posed in writing to the Meetings Committee (with the Board in copy) for their response.
  4. Member Society legal Structures
    A status report on this issue was requested from Legal Counsel on 9 December 2012 but, as of 15 December 2012 no such Report has yet to be received.  When this report is received, it will be made available to Board members via the LESI Drop Box.  Chris will send details.
  5. LES India
    The following update of LES India was circulated to all Board Members on 14 December 2012 for review.  If anyone has any comments thereon, could they kindly direct these to Patricia for her response and with the Board in copy for information.
  6. LESI Leaflets
    LESI leaflets are to be sent to each Member society electronically so that each Society may print and use them as it sees the need.  It is proposed that the costs of such printings shall be borne by the Member Society, with possible specific exceptions to be made by the Board at the specific request of a Member Society.  If any Board Member has any objections/comments or observations on this approach, they are requested to notify the Board Secretary of the same by 31 December 2012.