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Message from Arnaud Michel, LESI President

Dear Friends,

It has been an exciting and busy year.

I am very much looking forward to seeing you all again soon, from 10-12 April, in Brussels.

It will be a particularly happy event since we will welcome our 33rd society, LES Thailand (assuming, of course, that you vote to accept them). The LES Family is growing, which is excellent news. This is a sign of our good health and our youthfulness. Bringing this new chapter to reality is also a direct product of the joint support of the LES Societies in the Asian Region.

I wanted regionality and youth to be the two main themes of my presidency, and so I am particularly pleased to see this come to fruition.

We have a great many things to discuss in Brussels, and I cannot wait to see you all there.


Arnaud MichelArnaud
LESI President