IP Valuation

The IP Valuation Committee is an LESI Professional committee that includes qualified members from various disciplines and a chair appointed by the Board of Directors. The committee will identify issues, factors and methodologies used in giving value to IP portfolios or license deals.  The goal would be to publish a practical overview of the valuation process with comments and recommendations as to approaches to such valuation. 


The goals of the IP Valuation Committee include the following:

  • To present recommended Valuation Standards at the LESI Global Technology Impact Forum and then to LES membership through workshops, webinars and les Nouvelles articles. 
  • To work with WIPO and other industry and NGO partners to complete the basic Primer on Technology and IP Valuation to present at the LESI Global Technology Impact Forum and then for distribution through WIPO.


- Wednesday, 29th January 2020 at 9:30am CET (Session APAC/EU) AND 3:30pm CET (Session Americas/EU).

Caroline de Mareuil-Villette and Véronique Blum presented the following webinar:
Qualitative Valuation and Quantitative Valuation of the Inventive Contribution of the Executive Director of a Biotech Company:  an IFRS Compliant Valuation Process

View the webinar slides here and the full webinar here.

- Thursday, 28th June 2018 at 11:00am CET (Session APAC/EU) and 4:00pm CET (Session Americas/EU). See information on the Intangible (IP) Assets webinar here.

View the webinar below.

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