Patent and Technology Licensing Committee

The Patent and Technology Licensing Committee is a LESI Professional Committee that aim to be a resource for the members of the licensing profession (industry, academic, legal…)  involved with knowledge transfer between Industries and with University/Government bodies.


The mission of the Patent and Technology Licensing Committee is to promote the licensing profession involved with transactions concerning patents and technology, by, inter alia, promoting networking among its members, sponsoring appropriate educational activities such as workshops, lectures, and seminars and identifying and collaborating on problem areas of concern to, and major new developments in, this profession.


The action plan for 2022-2023 has the following goals:

1. Strengthen the Committee organization
  • Renew the Committee working team and build a true Committee membership;
  • Liaise with other relevant LESI Committees to plan common actions (YMC; Regional Committees, technical committees). 
2. Confirm LESI as a recognized international expert
  • Pursue the active participation in the ISO standard making on innovation management and IP management;
  • Contribute to and promote les Nouvelles;
  • Organize PTL workshops in LES meeting;
  • Pursue and multiply the working groups with industrial firms on patent licensing and technology transfer;
  • Organize a “Kids IP Day” for the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (20th November).
3. Provide tools and services to LESI members
  • Explore the needs of LESI members for LESI tools in the licensing domain;
  • Create an open library of IP licensing agreements in collaboration with international organizations.


  • Facilitating the mobilization, sharing, or exchange of patents is increasingly important to promote innovation in this globalized and well-networked world, where the circulation of ideas and technologies is essential to innovation (OECD)
  • The markets for trading IPRs need to become less opaque and fragmented so that IPR buyers and sellers can find each other efficiently, financial investments are made in IPR assets and transactions take place on fair terms (EU)

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