Dear LES National Presidents:

On behalf of the LESI Education Committee, we are pleased to provide the following update which we ask that you share with your society members.

As discussed during the 2018 Winter Planning Meeting in Vienna, the LESI Education Committee requests your support and active collaboration as an author and/or speaker and/or reviewer in connection with the important common project "LESI - EPO technology commercialisation course."    

The goal is to create a high level, two-day advanced technology commercialisation course that is a value proposition for and licensable (for free) to the national LES societies (and on EPO's side to the national IP offices co-operating with EPO) in order to attract new members, hopefully including more corporate members. 

The next steps in our work-in-progress project are the following: 
(1) elaborate content according the attached program draft / producing slides including speaker notes (authors); 
(2) review the produced content (reviewers); 
(3) present the course, including the produced slides and speaker notes, to future trainers during the IMDM in San Diego; 
(4) review meeting at EPO/Munich in May/June 2018, including invitations to corporate IP staff in their function as reviewer/ambassadors of the new course (EPO is prepared to provide financial support, e.g.,to reimburse certain travel costs); 
(5) launch at the end of 2018/beginning 2019 in Basel / Rhine biovalley (Switzerland, France, Germany).

We need your support and active collaboration for the following topics (please refer to the program draft containing further information contained in the link below):

- Define the right IP strategy
- IP management & Opportunity creation
- IP evaluation
- Scrutinizing the invention & Patent filing tactics
- Licensing fundamentals
- Risk management in licensing agreements
- Specific license agreements
- Negotiation & post contract issues
- IP valuation
- Royalty rates

Please let us know within the next days if you are interested to contribute.

The link for the latest draft syllabus may be found on the LESI Education Committee web page or by clicking here Joint LESI-EPO course

Martin Schneider

Martin Schneider
LESI Education Committee Co-Chair

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