Long Range Planning Committee

The Long Range Planning Committee is an LESI Management Committee responsible for long-range plans for the future development, structure, projects and activities of LESI.


The mission of the Long Range Planning Committee is to develop and manage the long range planning of LESI by continuously studying the goals, objectives, roles and activities of LESI. The Committee must continue developing long-range plans for the future development, the structure, the projects and the activities of LES International to achieve them.


The goals of the Long Range Planning Committee include the following:

  • Drafting a concise long range plan (five to ten years) for the Society, based on the input of the LESI stakeholders, including the Board of Delegates, National Presidents, LESI Committees and LES members; present the draft long range plan and a list of further planning topics at the Planning Meeting.
  • Explore and make recommendations as appropriate regarding a myriad of issues arising from these surveys including (1) the role and responsibility of LESI versus national societies, (2) the exchange of best practices among national societies, (3) the changes, if any, that might be needed to the current LESI structure and operation, (4) the LESI administrative support/financial model, (5) a formal, structured means to assist national societies efforts to attract new members, (6) a formal, structured means to assist national societies in their efforts to increase average member tenure, (7) a plan to establish LESI in a leadership role with NGO’s and Governments, including patent offices, (8) diversification of the LESI revenue model, and (9) specific and measurable ways to "increase the impact" of LESI.
  • Populate and maintain the Committee pages on the LESI Website.

Committee Leadership


Past Chairs:

  • Juergen Graner (LES Austria)
  • Patrick O'Reilley (LES USA/Canada)
  • Sherry Rollo (LES USA/Canada)
  • Emmanuel Gougé (LES France)
  • David Swain (LES Hong Kong)
  • Thomas Adocker (LES Austria)

Board Liaison:

  • Ichiro Nakatomi (LESI President)

Contact the Committee Co-Chairs - Duncan Ferguson (dferguson@sugarresearch.com.au), Junko Sugimura (jsugimura@promethe-pat.jp), Madelein Kleyn (madelein.kleyn@outlook.com) and Tatiana Campello (tcampello@demarest.com.br)

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