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LESI Copyright Committee, LES Singapore & LES Thailand "Copyright Clearance for Live Streaming"

Covid-19 pandemic has caused many entertainment venues to close. To continue to bring music to the people, many singers and musicians are performing “live” on the internet. Their performances will be streamed “live” into your home via channels such as Facebook and YouTube.

Music publishers in the region are claiming that such “live” performances require not only a licence for “communication with the public” but also synchronisation licence. This means that organisers of such events not only need to obtain a licence from a Collective Management Organisation (CMO) for public performances but also from a CMO for reproduction rights or music publishers. There is not only added administrative hassle but also costs.

This joint webinar will discuss the myriad of copyright clearances applicable to usage of works on the various on-line platforms.

Speakers include:

  • George Hwang (Moderator)
  • Candra Darusman (Speaker)
  • Siriyah Boonyatikarn (Speaker)
  • Roger Zimmermann (Speaker)
Read about the Speakers here.

This event is free to participants.

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