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LES USA-Canada "4-Part Webinar Series: Strategic AI - Maximizing Growth Opportunities while Managing Risks [Part 3 - AI Triage 101 - Navigating Urgent Legal Requests with Limited Resources]"

You are on the front lines of the legal department (which may be just you!) in your organization.  The developers and data scientists are asking you if they can use:

  • A particular data set to train their machine learning model
  • A particular AI model that is available under an open source license
  • A Generative AI tool (such as GitHub Copilot or GPT-4) to help them write the source code of your organizations’ main product

What do you do?  Join this webinar to learn how to approach these questions and more, including:

  • Licensing and rights needed to use datasets for training models;
  • Web scraping;
  • Intersections between AI and open source; and
  • Strategies and related risk mitigation for using GAI to write, test and improve software code

Please be sure to check out the other webinars in this series!

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