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LES USA-Canada "How to Go About IP Rights in a War Affected Region?"

This webinar offers an overview of IP developments and challenges in the countries of Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia in view of the geopolitical turmoil following the escalation of the Russian-Ukrainian war in February 2022. Even though this part of the world is turbulent, it has always been a region of interest for brand owners keen to secure their IP rights in emerging markets. Effective IP management during uncertain times requires thorough preparation to maximize value and minimize potential problems.

This presentation will cover recent developments in the realm of IP, spanning both national and regional perspectives. Within the regional scope, Eurasian Patent Organization (EA PO) that provides legal protection for inventions and industrial designs will be discussed. Additionally, the forthcoming unitary Eurasian trademark system within the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) will be explored. While both systems were initially hailed as efficient and cost-effective approaches to simultaneous protection across the respective member states of E APO and EAEU, the presentation will delve into the question of whether these regional mechanisms remain effective tools for securing IP rights.

From the national perspective, the discussion will include recent developments in several countries, including the reorganization of the Ukrainian IP O at the time of the war, as well as developments in the countries of the Caucasus, such as Azerbaijan and Georgia, and the Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

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