Prior Events

LES USA-Canada "Thinking Outside the Lab: Opportunities at the Intersection of Healthcare Data, Licensing and AI"

Are you making the most of the healthcare data that you collect? From early-stage research to patient care, if you work in the life sciences or healthcare space, come join us in an interesting discussion at the intersection of data rights, licensing, and AI.

Come join LES USA-Canada's Silicon Valley Chapter for an insightful discussion and networking with professionals in the healthcare, life sciences, artificial intelligence and licensing fields. Attendees will gain insights from experienced panelists in the pharmaceutical and medical device ecosystems on opportunities to use the massive amounts of healthcare and chemistry data that companies own or have access to, as well as associated risks and considerations. This is a fantastic event for anyone asking “what else should I be doing with my data?”

When you leave the program, you will know more about:

  • How companies license healthcare and scientific data
  • How healthcare companies internalize and externalize machine learning and AI
  • Considerations for data use specific to healthcare, and how these may limit and broaden opportunities
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