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les Nouvelles LIVE: Spotlight on the September 2023 Edition

Join us for our next les Nouvelles LIVE! session focused on the September 2023 issue of LESI’s quarterly journal. This edition included articles highlighting the intersection between IP management and open source software, green tech initiatives and the importance of the Bayh-Dole act to advance technologies in this area, a follow-up article on the LESI SDG-IP Index released earlier this year, various aspects of copyright law, and much more.

Authors from the following articles will join us:

1) The Critical Importance Of The Bayh-Dole Act In The U.S. Energy Transition (Eric Payne)

2) Should Copyright Law Prevent AI From Learning Or Be Set Aside? (JESÚS ALONSO PÉREZ)

3) SEPs In The Mobile, Wireless And DVB Markets (a Read-Out from LESI’s Thought Leadership Program, Track 1 - 2022-2023) (MATTIA FOGLIACCO & GARRARD BEENEY)

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