les Nouvelles - December 2008

Licensing’s Key Role In Global Innovation

Stephen Baggott

Proctor & Gamble Co., USA, Director, External Business Development, Cincinnati, OH, USA

Paul Germeraad

Intellectual Assets, Inc. (USA), President, Saratoga, CA, USA

Rashid Khan

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Champion, Solar Energy Research, Saudi Arabia

Wallace Oliver

Consultant for Wrigley (USA), Attorney, IP Law, Wilmette, IL, USA

Jack Peregrim

Paragon, Development, President, Hamden, CT, USA

Serge-Alain Wandji

Global Food Technology Group, Cargill, Inc., Intellectual Asset Manager, Minneapolis, MN, USA

The licensing profession is undergoing a change in focus in response to the world’s appetite for innovation. The constructs used are those of Open Innovation, Connect & Develop, and Integrated technology-business- intellectual property (IP.) That said, no matter by which name the process is called it has been demonstrated that the methodologies underpinning each are good ones for companies to use that are trying to grow through innovation. This paper summarizes the points of view expressed in the May 2008 LES Add-On Workshop held in Chicago, IL, USA. This workshop used real-world stories and data to highlight important points of these methodologies. As a condition for doing so it must be remembered that the opinions expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily those of their organizations.

Dr. Paul Germeraad, Overview Perspective

Part of understanding licensing’s key role in innovation involves knowing how to select the best approaches to acquire IP and how to run an integrated IP management system that aligns with a company’s business strategy. To start, the key elements and processes of an integrated IP management system need to be examined. There are ten areas of initial focus which are discussed in this section below.

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