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As COVID-19 has moved through the world, much off the work of LESI and LES Societies have moved online. Find a variety of LESI hosted, Committee-organized or Society-lead webinars on a variety of topics of interest to licensing professionals and industry here.

LESI 2020 Business Briefings

LESI 2020 Business Briefings Three business briefings for the IP Licensing community and for high-growth, innovative business that offer practical advice to businesses looking to monetize their intellectual property.  Written by LESI members and experts from around the world.  Topics addressed are:

  • IP Management
  • IP Licensing
  • IP Valuation

LES Royalty Rate Survey

Licensing Executives Society (U.S.A. and Canada) has administered Royalty Rates and Deal Terms surveys in various industry sectors to address gaps in industry-specific deals and trends – including recently the High-Tech Sector, as well as in the past addressing Global Biopharma and Chemicals, Energy, Environmental and Materials (CEEM).

Best Innovation and Intellectual Property Management Practices 

Business Innovation ManagementBusiness Innovation Management is a compendium of resources created and curated by experienced professionals and includes information on setting a vision and goals or monetizing your organization’s intellectual property as well as providing best-practices on effectively creating, developing, commercializing and protecting new product and service ideas.

Disclaimer: These materials are provided for general educational purposes by a long-time LES member and do not constitute legal advice. Any legal advice should be obtained from independent legal counsel.  The views expressed are solely the views of the authors and are not the views of LESI. The materials are provided “as is,” and LESI is not responsible for any risks or results associated with the use of these materials.

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